Purhcasing an Air, what to expect?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by kieonsegg, Dec 7, 2009.

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    I am begging the ol' parents for a refurbed mac from the store online.
    Being the "shylock" my dad is, i sent him the list with all the refurbed airs. He will choose the 1,299 one. Which are as follows: 1.6ghz 64 gb SSD <-- better than the 1.6 128hdd right? (Space is not a problem for me i have about 20gbs of music/movies and thats it)

    PLease no comments telling me to get a macbook or macbook pro.

    I've done my homework but still have a few questions. Is the one i chose a rev a, b, or c? Will i be happy with its performance?
    Im basically using this for word, itunes, web browsing, maybe a little photoshop here, and msn. THats pretty much it.
    Do i really need to get a 1.8ghz or even get this runcore thing everybody on these forums is talking about?
    As long as after 4 motnhs of being used, it is still able to open safari or itunes in under 5 seconds, im pleased.
    Under the usage im using does anyone expect me to encounter any probelms? Video wise, etc..

    How does the battery stack up? Like truthfully, if using it do write 1 word doc, browse 1 web, bluetooth off, airport on, 80% brightness, and itunes music running how long am i gonna get out of it? Ive been hearing stuff like 2 hours 15 minutes and im getting worried.

    After buying the mac, (if i get one) do i really honnestly need to upgrade to this runcore?

    Any other info on this would be much apprectiated
    And by the way, i am comming to mac from pc for the first time. I am currently using a 1.6 ghz Intel Atom n270 w7 eee pc 1000h 10.1'.
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    I'm sure that computer is ok for basic tasks like web browsing and word processing. It is a beautiful computer.

    I know you told me not to do this. However, the MBP is also attractive, and it would be much much faster with better graphics, etc. etc.

    I think the 64 GB SSD was only on Rev A, so it's probably Rev A from the sounds of it.
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    The 64GB SSD is the Rev A...just...just don't get a Rev A. Save yourself the "experience" of the Rev A.

    On the refurb site:

    The $1099 one is the Rev B 1.6GHz 120GB HD version. That's the one I currently own and I much, much prefer it to that pile Rev A I had a while back. If you want SSD I would consider getting the $1349 one, it's the Rev B 128GB SSD. OR, if you are comfortable with upgrading the hard drive to a bigger one, I would suggest getting the $1099 one and get a Runcore SSD later.

    My MBA is my secondary Mac, with my Mac Pro as my main machine, and I have to say I'm quite impressed with what the 1.6GHz/120GB HDD can handle. I purchased a 64GB Runcore that I'm eagerly awaiting to arrive. I don't need a ton of storage on my laptop, so this is the sweet spot for me.

    Just be careful of your dad, though, he may ask for his pound of flesh one day:) Is he at least giving you a decent interest rate on your loan?
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    i thought it was a rev b.
    its too late now to send him an email with another model now
    am i gonna experience bad video playback now that i have the rev a? u think if apple was selling it now they would have fixed that...
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    i recently just checked the site and it wasnt a 1.6ghz 64 gb ssd it was a 1.8 ghz.
    make a difference? is it now a b?
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    Still Rev A

    Anything with either an 80GB HD, or 64GB SSD is Rev. A.

    Rev. Bs come with either a 120GB HD, or a 128GB SSD. I would suggest, and I think others would agree, you're better off with a Rev. B with an ordinary HD, rather than a Rev. A with an SSD.

    I should add however, that I have a bottom model Rev. A and it suits me fine, so Rev. As are fine, just not as good as Rev. Bs, fairly understandably.
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    why though?
    too late now lol ive already sent the christmas email
    will i have problems with video playback and heating?
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    Graphics Card

    I believe most of the improvements are seen in the graphics card, which is apparently a massive improvement from the Intel one in the Rev. A. However, as I said, I've got a Rev. A and I use it just fine, although I don't watch a massive amount of video.

    It's a wonderful machine, don't you worry.
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    The revision A used Intel integrated graphics, while the B and C models use the Nvidia GeForce 9400M chipset - this gives them a massive boost in the graphics department, and they also tend to run a good deal cooler from what I hear. They also use SATA hard drives as opposed to older PATA drives in the As, not that that makes much difference at 4200 RPM ;) It would make a bit of a difference with an SSD though. Also also, they have a MiniDisplayPort for video out as opposed to the Micro-DVI.

    I normally get around 4-4.5 hours of life out of my battery, and that's with the screen at about 1/4 brightness (it's really bright), wifi on, keyboard backlight on, etc. It's really not bad so long as you're not cranking the machine 100% all the time - then it'll be horrid like any other laptop would be :p

    If you're just going to be using the Air for basic productivity things, I'm sure you'll still be happy with it. I have a Revision C 1.86GHz Air with the 120gig HDD, and I probably use it far more heavily than it would really like, but it has yet to ever feel 'slow' or let me down performance-wise. Besides, no matter what Air you get, you'll be overjoyed the first time you slip it into your bag and see (and feel on your back!) it disappear :)
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    You're buying a 2 year old model with almost 3 year components; it's highly unlikely Apple will provide fixes for what is obviously a hardware issue. Don't forget the breaking hinges as well.

    I don't understand why you can't just call; tell him it was an error, and after further review, the Rev. A MacBook Air would be a bad decision due to several defects you were not aware of before you sent him the precious email. Insist it's a pressing matter and don't argue; if your father gives you the ultimatum… I don't know what to say.
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    I would but i have sent 5 emails so far, and the ssd of rev b/c is 1600. and thats a significant increse.
    Breaking hinges?
    If stuff starts breaking and its not satisfactory isnt apple really lenient? go i nthere and get another for free?

    Wuts more worth it a rev a ssd or rev b hdd?
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    Rev B HDD for $1099. Guaranteed, I would NOT buy a Rev A. Just get the Rev B and when you have $300-500 saved up, upgrade it to a RunCore SSD (They are 5-40x faster than the stock HDD, and nearly 3x as fast as the Samsung SSD used in all Apple SSD Airs).

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    So is the 1.6 ghz hdd 120gb a rev b? the site doesnt say it has 9400 graphics.
    Or do i have to pay the 1350 for the rev b.

    Is the rev a actually as bad as everyone is making it out to be?
    Does apple's warranty not cover the video problem (will i have one if i get the rev a?) or the hinges etc...
    Because i can easily argue its a manufacturers defect and i know how to push customer service the way i want to....
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    If you look at the description under Graphics you'll see it specifies it's the Nvidia 9400. Rest assured, it's a rev b. The A only came with 80GB HDD or 64GB SSD.
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    What did you write? RunCore SSD is 3 times faster than a Samsung drive? Is that true? I do know RunCore drives are blazing fast, but come on, 3 times faster than a Samsung drive? Which Samsung are you referring to?

    Bye bye
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    Best of luck mate! I'm sure you'll be happy with any Air you get, but you'll be just that much happier with a later revision :p
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    I'd go with the Rev. B HDD model; the SSD isn't that much faster. Also please note with regard to the hinge issue… yes Apple will fix it, but you will be without your computer for a week or so which isn't fun.
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    I already specified that. The Samsung drive found in any MacBook Air, Rev B or C.

    Here's a comparison on a Rev C 2.13. Although some are only twice as fast as their respective category on the stock SSD, there are quite a few that are triple/quadruple.

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    Why would you buy from there..? Unless I'm missing something, it's $50 more than Apple's refurb store, an is undoubtedly less reliable than Apple aswell.
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    I bought a refurb C with the SSD from the Apple.com store. The MBA was in perfect condition. I bought an A late in the game and decided to upgrade to my C in October.

    Best purchase ever.

    When I bought my first MBA (and first Mac), a friend who has had Macs for years predicted that my mac would become my favorite laptop and I would eventually use it the most (as opposed to other Windows laptops I have).

    That has turned out to be true and I thoroughly love my rev C MBA! ....and it doesn't even have a Runcore in it! (I'm too chicken to put in a Runcore and lose the warranty protection. I know I could put the stock SSD in if there was trouble, but just don't want to do that.)
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    Sorry i mixed up the USD to CAD conversion (im canadian :) )
    And just to let you know, its thte internet pal. I aint gonna get screwed over for a mac trust me. Reliable? Thers no difference except the fact that this one
    not that it matters, but just putting that out there.
    warranty is on the mac whether i buy it from any retailer, you should know that. SO therefore the reliability isnt an isssue. If somethings wrong? ill send it back. not a big deal
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    Please dont buy this shyte I'm having all sorts of problems with mine. Its just a pretty looking turd. I'd rather not have a pretty or an ugly turd.
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    People get screwed on the internet on a DAILY basis. And I'm sure there have been quite a few regarding Apple products, simply because Apple products are high ticket items. I'm not saying this site is a scam, but unless the price difference is VERY substantial then it isn't worth it.

    And of course I know about the warranty. But what you should know is that the AppleCare warranty from Apple's Refurb Store is 1 year from date of purchase, and you can purchase the extra 2 years within that timeframe. With any other retailer, that 1 year of free AppleCare starts whenever they bought the product. And seeing as though this product was released over a year ago, this website's included AppleCare would be no longer valid. And Apple stopped selling these new in early June this year, even if they bought it the day that Apple quit selling them you've got 6 months, max.

    And you conceit yourself that the fact that Apple's is refurbished is irrelevant (because they replace all aesthetic elements and battery), so why would this one be any better? Do you really think this site has had this laptop for 6-12 months now just sitting there unopened? :rolleyes:
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    Hey when i get my air, is there anything i have to install--> like osx?
    Or is it already installed cuz according to some videos u need to stick leopard disc in to get some more features.

    P.S--> What is the difference between leopard and snow leopard?


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