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Purported Physical Model of 'iPad Mini' Surfaces

Discussion in 'MacRumors.com News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Jul 10, 2012.

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    Just after posting photos of a purported metal engineering sample of the next-generation iPhone's massing, Gotta Be Mobile has now posted photos of a similar physical model of the "iPad mini".

    The model appears to be a case maker's mold that shows the basic shape of the device, so it is unknown whether it accurately reflects the device's form factor. While case designs have proven accurate a number of times in the past, a significant number of case makers were fooled into designing for a tapered iPhone design last year that did not come to fruition.

    According to the report, a pixel count on the photos suggests that the iPad mini will measure approximately 213 mm by 143 mm and be slightly thinner than the full-size iPad.
    The mockup also includes a smaller dock connector as has been rumored by a number of sources, as well as two speaker grilles along the bottom edge of the device.

    Article Link: Purported Physical Model of 'iPad Mini' Surfaces
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    ya its def happening.
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    New connector scares me.
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    only time will tell. But the leak does seem consistent with all the rumours, so it could be genuine.
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    As with each rumors, we are in for seeing a lot of "leaked" models photos having as only purpose to show a site's url plastered in big through the images.
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    Home button leak and camera lens next!
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    I wonder what the cost of the adapter will be for the old dock connector to the new one.
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    This reminds me of all of the iPhone 5 cases we saw before the iPhone 4S was released.
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    It likely means you'll have to buy all new accessories. Those camera connection kits for instance become useless.
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    Certainly seems plausible, and I would be glad that they are including the new dock connector with a device this year other than the shiny new iPhone 6 (It's the 6th generation, after all!) I honestly hope they hit a $300 price point and have a 4G LTE option; this form factor would personally be perfect for me, but to each their own.
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    This is really gonna be the death of Apple.
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    Cool, but pop quiz: where the hell are these models coming from. On the same day. What a coinkidink
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    I think the new connector is about the only thing that lends credence to the other rumor about a refreshed/refined iPad 3rd gen model also coming this fall. Different ports on difference devices would be the kind of confusion that Apple wants to avoid.

    Could mean refreshed models of the entry level iPhone 4 and 4s with the same for carriers when the iPhone 5th gen launches this fall as well.
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    Unfortunately we went through all the same stuff with the "iPhone 5" (4s) with rumors and case leaks and such. Meaning it is hard to decipher what this really means, but I really REALLY hope iPad mini is a reality.
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    Digital Skunk

    I love my iPad, and I love my Android phones; and I was considering picking up a Nexus 7 due to price and Google integration . . . . but a 7" iPad . . . . may change that for sure.
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    No like fat mini.
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    I'm almost hoping Apple never decide to make this, just so this rumour can die. I mean, it's most likely going to happen, but it's almost being going on since the inception of the iPad. I'm pretty much sick of reading all this speculation!
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    Perhaps we have been spoiled with having the same connector for a decade. Also, the prospect of a thunderbolt cable connection, even with the likely exorbitant price, would to me be simply too irresistable. And think of how fast memory card transfers could potentially be with the new dock connector: thunderbolt technology camera connection kit, with speed limited only to that of the SD card (like an E1 reaction... pardon me, organic chemistry stuck in my head. Darn you, MCAT!)
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    The new connector is a magsafe you fools.
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    one word: sexy

    I should cancel my nexus 7 order with all these rumors!!!!
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    Totally. They should add little unicorn sparkle inlays to each side instead of screws.
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    Well, looks like this is going down.
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    Good point - but I'm not looking forward to new iDevice connector to 30-pin connector dongles.
  25. ChristianJapan, Jul 10, 2012
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    Kind of me too ... (but will not loose sleep over it)

    Don't fit in the car anymore.
    Don't fit in all those speaker like BW Zepplin.
    Don't fit into my private strategy of spreading iPad charger around my place as cable would be different.

    Nah; that's ugly; but let's guess: $19.

    It will be a "painful" transition phase until all iDevices in our households got the new connector. So in two to three years we will not care anymore.

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