Qik App Updated, Wi-Fi Restriction Removed

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Aug 24, 2009.

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    The Qik app that first arrived in the App Store earlier this month has already been updated to a new version that removes the Wi-Fi only restriction. At its initial release, the popular video sharing application was able to upload previously-recorded videos to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Qik's own site via Wi-Fi only. Now, video uploads can also be done over a 3G or EDGE cellular data connection.


    The Qik iPhone app still lacks the ability to stream live video, a feature present in versions available for other platforms.

    The Qik app is free and can be found here (link opens iTunes).

    Article Link: Qik App Updated, Wi-Fi Restriction Removed
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    Uh, duh! How'd it last that long with the WiFi restriction?....:eek:
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    Let me know if this App is any good. I mean, with a 3GS we can already directly upload video to Youtube or FaceSpace or MyFace, so what does this App do in addition to that, and how well does it work? thanks.
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    Old News!!!
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    Let it have the ability to stream (as the original app always had when it was a jailbroken-only app) and then you might have something. Otherwise, meh . . .
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    90% of people will video upload through facebook if they add that feature.
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    Qik has live streaming; perfect for those Apple keynotes. :D
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    Unfortunately, it doesn't (at least on the iPhone):

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    This is where the inconsistency of the app store review process drive developers like us crazy!

    We had an app rejected because "it is transferring excessive volumes of data over the cellular network". Our app does NO video uploading, it basically showcases iPhone optimized sites only.

    Their recommended solution was to "to restrict your application to Wi-Fi".
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    ^ it's about high time this is added. There ARE better HSPA+/HSPA networks out there than AT&T's bloated junk! Why should WE be screwed because of their fat-cat-asses for being lazy to better the network.

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