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Quad ships!

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by Modano, Nov 14, 2005.

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    I haven't got the email yet, but I just checked the Apple store site and my Quad shipped today! I know some of you are waiting too, so I thought I'd give you some details, in case you're as impatient as me. :) I ordered a CTO Quad (1GB RAM, 500GB HDD, AirPort Extreme + Bluetooth, 6600) as soon as the store came back up after the announcement. I'm in NYC so it looks like post-announcement Quad orders are shipping to the US now too. It's supposed to arrive at 3pm tomorrow (Tues. 11/14). I'll be glad to run any benchmarks or answer any questions tomorrow night.
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    All right my man, do the photoshop test thread.
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    Awesome. Lucky. I'm ordering my 17" 1.9GHz iMac on Wednesday - so I'm sorta lucky, too :p :)
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    Flying Llama

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    Cool, enjoy your system when it arrives- thats one hunk of Mac computin' muscle!!! :)
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    I also received a shipping notice today and the FedEx tracking says it will be delivered tomorrow morning (to central Oregon). I ordered it right after the announcement event... a build to order quad with 500 gig hard drive, 2 gigs of ram and the Airport/Bluetooth stuff. I don't know how I can think of not going out and getting a new display to go with it, but hopefully a level head with prevail.

    Very cool. :)
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    LOL! :D
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    Flying Llama

    Bookmarked! :D

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    just picked mine up...and a 30" display

    anyone else get theirs yet?
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    do you mean they're available in stores now?
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    I put one on "hold" at an apple store 2 weeks ago...they got 1 (only 1) in, called me and asked if i wanted to pick it up. I had them add 4 Gigs of ram, and a 30" monitor and i was out of there in 30 minutes;).

    I was told that I would have to wait for my airport/bluetooth. I guess its a new chip with both on there, and it wont be available for a while. that may be another reason why people who BTO are having to wait so long.
  13. ksz
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    Refer to message #7 and comply. :D
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    what do you want to see? (that sounds naughty)
  15. ksz
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    That's a good question. We're just looking for some "representative" pictures of the Quad to live vicariously through you for a short time. Use your discretion.
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    You're certainly not thinking of attaching a *gasp* USED display to this beast?! ;)
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    Well I got it hooked up and, during setup, ran migration assisstant and had a problem. It took almost an hour and a half for my 80 gigs of primary hdd stuff but at the end it said "it couldn't copy all my documents. It didn't copy ANY of them! It got the apps, but my user files didn't copy at all. Just ran SWUpdate and checked my old drive and everything looks ok. Off to try again. :(
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    In case anyone has the same problem, I tried it again from the desktop with my old computer mounted via FW. This time, it failed again, but at least told me the file it was having trouble with. Sure enough, I can't delete or rename this file. Moving it outside my user directory allowed the Migration Assistant to complete though. It took all night and I have no time to play with my new Quad! :( Maybe tomorrow night. Initial impressions: this thing is fast as can be. :D Doom 3 with the graphics cranked up looks great, even with Migration Assistant chugging along in the background!
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    There are plenty of pictures up at Apple.com. When I get mine tomorrow, I'll be too busy setting it up to take pictures.
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    Other intial impressions:
    Superdrive in this thing is L-O-U-D but the rest of the system is very quiet compared to the Dual GHz Quicksilver it's replacing. The noise from the active hard drive is audible but the fans are very quiet.
    It's truly incredible to watch how this thing handles iPhoto. I have several thousand pictures and iPhoto was slow (but quite usuable) on my G4. Using the zoom slider or just scrolling through all the pictures, I'm amazed at how smooth and fast it is.
    More tonight!
  21. ksz
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    Then don't; that's that. :rolleyes:

    It's a sort of tradition here to post pictures of your setup if you're going to brag about your new toy.
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    Is the SuperDrive loud when reading CDs? DVDs? Burning CDs? Burning DVDs? And if burning at what speed?

    And if you can hear the disk noise over the fan noise, that says something about how quiet the fans actually are.
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    Reading a data DVD, it was very loud. I guess it's because the drive is so fast, but it sounds like a jet. On the other hand, the fans are very quiet indeed. I thought the same thing you did, about the disk noise trumping the fans.
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    Whe scrolling down a webpage in safari do the fans rev up? This has been a G5 problem from way back.
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    I didn't notice the fans going nuts at all, but I haven't really had enough time to draw firm conclusions. Maybe I'll be able to tell you more tonight.

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