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Quadocta Cases

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by say33d, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. say33d, Mar 15, 2012
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    Hi all...

    been thinking about investing in a new switcheasy canvas case untill i found out that they have removed the groves in the front cover so it wont have the keyboard position anymore. Not sure if this is a real deal breaker for me yet but i was looking around at other covers and came across Quadocta Cases. They seem to be based out of Germany and nothing listed as yet for the new ipad but im sure they will follow. Really like the look of some of these cases! Cant find much on the net about them though...has anyone brought one of these cases before and how do they fair??



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    Really sharp looking cases
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    some images!


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    OK guys, looks like the Corium fits the new ipad.....i so hope they make a version of the gemini case that fits too! Looks gorgeous.
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    spiffy... 60euro isnt terrible either.
    subbed for updates
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    Emailed quadocta about the Gemini for the new iPad, their eta is 2 weeks as of this morning
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    saw that too.... i dunno if its the quality of the pic, but the quadocta leather quality looks much better than this case
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    especially considering the word leather isn't mentioned anywhere on the page. heh.
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    They have only released the fake pu leather cases for the new iPad at the moment. They do a really nice real leather range too but they are currently awaiting an update to work with the new iPad.

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    Hmm yeah... I guess I assumed that leather – material meant the same thing as genuine leather

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