quake 4 and no sound

Discussion in 'Games' started by jamesa, May 27, 2006.

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    hi all

    Just installed quake 4 v1.2

    now telling me under the advanced audio options "warning: your computer (or is it soundcard... can't remember) does not support openAL"

    no sound gets played, I just occasionally get stutters like a sound file repeating itself really quickly for a quarter of a second... it changes depending on where in the level I am

    running all latest versions of 10.4, on an Intel iMac Dual Core

    any help appreciated!


    -- james
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    I've also have the problem with Quake 4 where it says I don't have OpenAL available, and get no sound out of my M-Audio Revolution 7.1 sound card. I got surround sound in Doom 3 though.
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    I just downloaded the patch and my Quake 4 is working fine with the sound on a Powermac G5. I also have 10.4. I wonder if this is a Intel issue or something else.
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    That didn't work, I got a loud beep when I started Quake 4, then the game quit. The game will only start up using built-in sound, not my surround sound card.
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    really? thats interesting. I have no idea then. It worked for me. Let's call and bitch out aspyr . Charging me 50 bucks for a mac version that doesnt have no sound, when i could go to the store and buy the windows version for $24.99 and have better performence....
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    I tried getting help already.. not much response.
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    I'm having the same problem others have described-

    choppy sound, like a helicopter.

    When I first ran the game- it was fine, but once I get to certain checkpoints, the sound goes nutty. I downloaded OpenAL and the latest Quake Update - but no change.
    My machine is a G5 2.1 GHz - 512 RAM (eek) -

    One thing I am unclear on - once I downloaded the update - I dropped the file into the Quake file- was that the correct way to install ?

    Has anyone found or heard of solutions to the sound problem ?
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    Any news on this? I have a friend with a MBP 2.16 and he's gets NO sound. Not even choppy sound. Quake 4 is totally silent?

    Even tried that link (http://developer.creative.com/articles/article.asp?cat=1&sbcat=31&top=38&aid=97)
    and still no sound. Restarted computer, restarted game, nothing.
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    Update to v1.3 Available

    Maybe that will help?

    It's 341 MB :eek: :confused:
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    i found a way around

    I was having a similar problem (G5 dual1.8, 4GB ram, MOTU Traveler, OS 10.4.8) where the sound would come through all high pitch and distorted when running through the traveler. I tried all kind of updates before I found a somewhat backwards workaround. I haven't tried this for surround sound, but for stereo, this worked. By installing soundflower ( http://www.cycling74.com/downloads/soundflower ) you can choose soundflower (2 channel) as your output in System Prefs, then run the included program "soundflowerbed" which should pop up as a menu item. Choose your audio device as the destination for "soundflower 2 ch" in the menu, and voila! Working stereo sound. There is also a 16 channel soundflower, so that might work for those who are having problems with their surround devices, but I'm not set up to test that right now.

    Happy hunting.

    EDIT: I'm still on Quake 4 1.2 since I've heard bad things about 1.3, any word on if it actually fixes this weird audio problem?

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