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Quality of MBP vs PB (MB vs iBook)

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by YS2003, Nov 7, 2006.

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    Now the Intel chip transition has been almost a year and I think there are many people who have already jumped onto MBP/MB from PowerPC based PB/iBook.
    What do you think of the "overall quality" of MBP (or MB) compared to PB (or iBook)? Do you feel the quality is same as before? Lower? Higher? Maybe we can do a poll (but, I don't know how).
    I am mainly referring to build quality and overall QC of the products.
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    I have a 12-inch iBook and recently setup an entry level MacBook for someone else. I was impressed with the MacBook quality. The one thing that bothers me on the iBook is the battery doesn't sit flush and looks nasty. The MacBook battery looks a lot tighter. Having the cables all on one side is better than the iBook's power-cord on the right, other cables on the left design. My iBook does everything I need it to do day to day, but I'm tempted by the MacBook, for the iSight and other improvements.
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    The Macbook is superior to the iBook in every way, but one. I really miss having a 12" model. I've been tempted to pick up a 12" Powerbook as a secondary machine.

    If Apple released a 12" Macbook, my 13 incher would be out the door.
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    I disagree, the iBook seemed much sturdier and far more well built than the Macbook. I also dont think that the Blackbook is a worthy successor to the 12 inch Powerbook.
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    In terms of MacBook Pro and Powerbook, there's not much different. Easily comparable machines.

    In terms of MacBook and iBook, they both are good machines, the MacBook is simply an extension of the iBook form.
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    I don't think the iBook seemed any sturdier. Heavier? Yes. Sturdier? I don't think so.

    I think a lot of people mistake weight for sturdiness.

    I do agree with your Blackbook point, though.
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    Actually no I didnt just mistake heavy for sturdy, the last rev iBook didnt feel as flimsy as the Macbook IMO.
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    Depends on what model iBook. I know that the 12" iBooks are a bit more sturdy than the 14" iBooks.
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    I thought that my 12 inch ibook felt like a pretty sturdy machine. I feel the same way about my Macbook. I don't really feel like there's much of a difference.

    I will say that the plastics of the Macbook do feel a bit more flexible. The ibook casing was kind of rigid, making it a bit more brittle, and rather easy to crack when it was disassembled.

    The Mabook plastics don't feel like that will be an issue. Admittedly, I haven't had a reason to crack my Macbook open yet, but the time will come, and I don't feel like it's going to be as nerve-wracking, opening up the Macbook case.

    I would also point out that the lack of a mechanical latch gives the Macbook one less weak link.
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    Funny, I have the latest rev 12 inch iBook, and compared with the MB (black), there's no contest. There are *no* creaks whatsoever in the MB, and like the previous poster said, I got really irritated with the battery not being 100% flush with the casing on the iBook.

    I really thought that the extra size of the MB would be a problem, but actually, it is only wider - but not taller. This means that I can place the MB comfortably even on the dinkiest economy tray when flying. The only problem is the other passengers asking me to 'turn down' the screen when they are sleeping :D
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    Well, at least two ways... the iBook's battery life is a lot better than anything Apple sells right now. That doesn't prevent me from wanting a Macbook, though.

    My friend brought over her black Macbook last night and I was fairly impressed with the build quality, though.

    In terms of long-term quality and functional quality... it seems to be a mixed bag. The most serious Apple issue in recent history was the logic board issue on the iBook G3, probably. In comparison, the iBook G4, as far as I know, never really had any major issues except the battery recall, which, as far as I know, was precipitated by few if any actual fires in products in consumers' hands. The Macbook has had the plastic coloration issue (resolved as far as I know), the peeling issue (seems some question as to how many units were ever affected), and the whining/mooing issue (also resolved, I believe)?

    On the Powerbook front, my general impression is that the 12" powerbook was, like the iBook G4s, essentially problem free. The bigger powerbooks in the last generation had the screen banding / lining issues. The MBP in contrast has the heat and moo/whine issues.

    All in all, function-wise, it seems like a wash. Apple continues to address issues and issue rates seem to be low in comparison to the market as a whole.
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    Ya, the iBook creak was pretty annoying.
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    The new screen and Core Duo of the Macbook make it far superior to the much slower iBook. The Macbook is a great entry level laptop.
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    I loved my white G3 iBook (non-clamshell) but my MacBook is really fantastic. Each was great in its day.
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    I had last revision of the iBook G4. I bought a 2Ghz white MB a few months ago, and it is WAY better than the iBook in every respect, the most notable difference being the screen. The iBook's screen is terrible;) My MB occasionally creeks a little, lol, but it is better quality than the iBook;)
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    It seems there are more positive opinions on MBP/MB than PB/iBook. I was a little concerned about the QC on Intel Macs because of the relatively fast transition from PPC to Intel. It seems the first batch of MBP/MB tend to have more issues such as heat, excessive sound, and etc. As far as my experience is concerned, my C2D MBP has been flawless so far.

    When I bought the 12" iBook last September, I was planning to keep it at least for 3 years (as I have the 3 year Apple care). But, I am having a second thought as I am reviewing my current set up to make room for Intel Macs.
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    I've not had any real problems with my MacBook Pro
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    100% Ditto. I'm writing this on my 12" latest model iBook G4. The case creaks a bit and the battery isn't flush. The screen is also really dim compared to a MacBook. I do love the smallness of this 12" iBook and I feel that for 80% the MacBook is better, due to its free monitor increase, but for the other 20% who'd like a really small portable, then it doesn't really fit that bill.

    Personally I think the 12" PowerBook was the best designed Apple laptop in recent years/all time. It was a technical challenge to get everything in there and they didn't cut down on ports/specs so much.

    I'm buying a MacBook as soon as the next revision is out. Something which bothers me a bit is the keyboard. Although it is really really nice to type on in my opinion, if crumb get down there, how do you clean them! Yuk!
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    I'm more apt to throw around the iBook vs. the Macbook, but the Macbook feels more solid. In that same tone it feels like it'd break easier, but maybe because the iBook i had was pretty roughed up already. The magnetic power cord is a real godsend, though... makes the laptop seem much more take n' go.

    Dont' have a MBP, but I babied my PB. I think iBook > Macbook > Powerbook in my book... just seems like you could throw around the consumer line easier.
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    As an owner of both a 12" PB and a 13" MB, I can, without hesitation, say that the PB was of far better quality.

    I know that they are different levels of machine but how bout this:
    PB = 0 repairs after 3 yrs
    MB = In for repairs for the 3rd time now.... after 4 months. It has almost been in for service for a greater percentage of time than i've actually been using it!

    I definately feel as though I am paying for rushing Intel hardware out the door.
    Satisfied with physical build quality, although you can tell the MB is the cheaper of the two. Never used an iBook so cannot compare.
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    I find my new MBP to be of a better quality that my previous Powerbook. The wrist rest feels more firm, the screen backlighting while not perfect is light years ahead of my previous Powerbook's screen (with lines), not to say the Powerbook didn't have inconsistent backlighting either.

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