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Qualms with Apple Retail!

Discussion in 'Community' started by davidc2182, May 15, 2003.

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    I cannot stand it anymore I've applied for every job available at Apple retail in tampa florida, even stock person, and I have retail management experience, I don't know what they want as qualifications for a freakin stock person!!! I emailed apple coroporate and they told me that the search agents only return positions that are new or updated and the position hasn't been updated and its not new and I applied for it over 20 days ago but not a peep from apple and so I wonder if they even get my applications and what exactly they want as qualification for a stock person??? :eek:
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    first of all calm down. second of all, call or e-mail them to see if they did indeed get your application. Chances are that it got lost somewhere along the way.
    For jobs in retail, they usually want experienced people who are fully capable of doing various things, i.e. dealing with irate customers
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    Maybe you did not read all of my post I have Retail MANAGEMENT experience over a year of it, so what else are they looking for?
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    Re: Qualms with Apple Retail!

    If you have retail MANAGEMENT experience I would think that you'd want and be qualified for a higher-level postition than stock person. Just a thought.

    Anyway, as über said, just call them and ask if they recieved your application. If they have and they turned you down just ask why.
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    Re: übergeek

    dude sounds like you're pretty angry.
    they're also looking for people who love technology and stuffs, and people who have good people skills, and people with lots of technical knowledge...i dunno! call your local apple store and ask!
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    Re: übergeek

    well maybe its an anger problem? lol
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    apple's hiring practices are just as retarded and frustrating as anywhere else
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    if they ever open an apple store i want to work there. well, in japan it might be tough... my japanese ain't that good. but in australia. in melbourne. apple store. genius bar staff. my gig. yeah.
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    Re: übergeek

    My suggestion would be to take some slow deep breaths. The suggestions of others are very valid. Probably a personal visit to your local Apple store. I think that if you were able to make personal contact it might help. That is the way that I have gotton the majority of my jobs. Just sending in a resume is so non personal!

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