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Quantum Computer: 2007

Discussion in 'Wasteland' started by City of Glass, Apr 27, 2003.

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    Just to put more information out of the nebulous and into the gossip's hands, I was over at the Company Store today, at Apple HQ (Cupertino) and suddenly became very interested in what a few loitering upper-floor engineers were saying. I eavesdropped, and here are a few snippets of that conversation:

    Engineer 1: I can't imagine anything like that . . . she's too hot! You gotta be kidding me . . . oh, well.

    Engineer 2: No, no, not a joke. She was going after (unclear) . . . but I think she's teasing. Silly, eh? Anyway; all the stress in that **ithole reminds me of being locked up in the (quiets down, too difficult to be heard clearly) room.

    (both engineers laugh)

    Engineer 1: Yeah, exactly! Damn. . . I'm not looking forward to heading back in there. Why be 85% complete with something that's not supposed to hit the streets 'til twenty-oh-seven?

    Engineer 2 (stamping cig): You know the answer to that -- control. The way we've always done (unclear) . . . the way we'll always do it. One; invent a product. Two; put an air-tight "media seal" on it. Three; advertise the hell out of its "potential" and tantalize people about its "possibility" meanwhile creating hundreds of thousands of the sluggers (?) in a factory somewhere . . . I don't know, maybe I'm wrong, I hope I am. This thing seems too important . . . I mean it's like (unclear) baby.

    Engineer 1: I hear that!

    Engineer 2: Honestly, all the bells and whistles on that thing -- you realize how important this project is?

    Engineer 1: Yeah --

    Engineer 2: -- I mean, it's another "revolutionary" move. If you really think about it, this kind of technology . . . this thing is (quiets down to be inaudible) . . . it's historic, probably more important, in this business, than the **cking GUI, for Pete's sake.

    Engineer 1: Well, definitely! Far more important than a mere software token . . . software evolves, software . . . you know, it changes over time, there's no constant . . .

    Engineer 2: But with what we've got here, with the (unclear) project, we're making a new constant. Ha ha! I bet within three months of its release, gamers everywhere will be modeling their own home-grown games after the **cking Matrix! You realize, with the power inherent in this indium-gallium (?) stuff, **it like 'the Matrix' will finally be possible?

    (both laugh heartily)

    Engineer 2: Not that we'd want (nasally) that . . .

    Engineer 1: I'm just excited about the medical and scientific benefits. Richard Feynman predicted this technology could work; hard to believe we're so close . . . fundamentally, anyway, we actually have the basic kernel . . . with (unclear), we even tested the first (unclear) calculation -- remember that? Now it's like what they're doing in Iraq -- mopping up. Really, isn't that kind of what we're signed on to do? How it feels . . .

    Engineer 2: Yeah, mopping up. But really we're also tying up the loose ends. Sinching the purse strings on this whole affair . . . yeah, the medical and scientific . . . poor Feynman, if he could see it now, tiny blue cube capable of so much . . . it's interesting, I was in Barnes the other day -- this ever happen to you? -- reading 'Wired,' and there was a little section about Japan's NEC "Earth Simulator." Guy next to me was reading the same thing, and he seemed literally drawn into it, unable to let down the magazine, utterly amazed by its ability to compute 35 or so teraflops . . . (begins to laugh)

    Engineer 1: (laughs also) 35! Ha ha. And TERAflops, no less . . . Jesus, we're such spoiled jerks. If only "they" knew; the world . . .

    Engineer 2: They will, in 2007 . . .

    Engineer 1: Hey, even "2007" teraflops wouldn't be enough . . .

    Engineer 2: Nor would two million. We're on an entirely new level -- almost infinite, isn't it? I couldn't even count the row of zeroes on yesterday's test . . . what would you say, Eighty Five (unclear) Trillion Trillion Decaflops? Ha . . .

    Engineer 1: Yeah, something like that . . . but probably way, way higher.

    Engineer 2: Well (looks to clock), time to jive (?). Meet me for dinner?

    Engineer 1: Uh, can't make it . . . gotta see 'Ghosts of the Abyss' with Sally. Maybe Monday . . .

    Engineer 2: Alright then. Take care . . .

    Engineer 1: Peace.
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    So if I understood correctly, Apple will introduce something like.. quantum computer in 2007??
    How did you manage to remember *everything* they said?

    If this is true.. it's gonna be sweeet!
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    wait, wtf you JUST posted this story yesterday!
    Why do you keep spamming, it is IMPOSSIBLE for you to remember that much!

    Sorry FAKE.
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    so, uh, you ride the short bus then?

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    damn it, i really wanted to believe!!
    ahh :(
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    Just to clear up the definition of "eavesdropped" I employed, in the brief paragraph before I disgorged what was heard, here's what Webster says:

    v : to listen or record a conversation without either speaker being aware of it.

    So -- by "eavesdrop" I did not mean solely "to listen" -- of course that would be an instant falsehood; I can barely remember what I've written at the beginning of this paragraph . . . much less two pages of dialogue.


    To expand on what actually occured, here is more to the description:

    "I was over at the Company Store today, at Apple HQ (Cupertino) and suddenly became very interested in what a few loitering upper-floor engineers were saying. Earlier I had been toying with the slim little 'recorder stick' my girlfriend bought me (from the Sharper Image), and, suppressing a grin, I used it to eavesdrop on the oblivious engineers. Here are a few snippets of that conversation: . . . "

    I do apologize for failing to make this clear when I originally made this post.

    I re-posted this dialogue, MrMacman, because I felt it deserved its own thread, instead of being tacked on to the end of a longer thread, with a different name.

    Sincerely Yours,

    City of Glass

    P.S., this should help explain the proliferate "(unclear)" notes which appear throughout the dialogue -- these were sections which, no matter how high I set the volume, could not be made out.
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    make a little bit more sense... but why put it in apple collectors?
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    That is a good question, and here is the answer:

    I posted this here for two reasons:

    (a) it is a lower-profile sub-section of the overall forum, which means that if the data turns out to be untrue, it will not have consumed the attention of a very great number of people,

    (b) if what is implied by my recording is true, the collectors here would probably be very interested in getting their hands on some part of the pre-release process, as these are (eventually) the more valuable items, to collectors as a whole.

    If you have any other questions, please feel free to pound me left and right.

    Sincerely Yours,

    City of Glass

    P.S., I have corrected my "In Passing . . . " post with a link sending new viewers here.
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    still sounds ridiculously fake to me...coincidental how "(unclear)" appears right before very time the word "project." And how the conversation basically ends when the tech stuff is wrapped up in a neat little package. Hm.

    Could u post the audio file off of the recorder? Because i'm sorry, this sounds ridiculously fake.

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    Definitely, in fact I was considering this earlier as a way to prove my text's veracity.

    However, I'm not a "technically inclined" individual . . . as you'd know from reading some of my earlier posts (which asked questions about exporting from iMovie, why my "toolbar icons" weren't appearing in Jaguar, etc.)

    And so, I'd need some assistance if I were to go about this. As far as I am aware, the recorder's only jack is for mono audio output . . .

    How should I go about this? Any advice?

    I'll post as much as I can of the conversation, once we've figured out how to get it up here.

    Sincerely Yours,

    City of Glass
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