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Quark Xpress, Photoshop and Mountain Lion 10.8

Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by Lady Mac, Jul 27, 2012.

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    I downloaded Mountain Lion 10.8 yesterday and now find I cannot use either Quark Xpress 6.5 or Photoshop CS2, both of which are essential to my work.

    Both applications have worked perfectly for years and I have not needed to upgrade and therefore out of the upgrading facilities!

    Both these programs are very expensive - will cost well over £1,000.00 to start again.

    Has anyone ANY ideas how to overcome this problem, which I need to solve ASAP.

    Thank you.
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    Restore to your last backup? You presumably have one, before upgrading a business critical system?
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    You're shocked that Adobe Photoshop CS2, a program that is 7 years old, is no longer supported on a new OS? That is a lifetime in computer terms. I think you are long overdue for an upgrade in that department.
  4. mguenther, Jul 27, 2012
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    Hi Lady Mac,

    QuarkXPress 6 is not an Intel application, it requires a PowerPC or Apple's emulator (Rosetta) to run. Rosetta is not available on Mountain Lion anymore. I assume this is the problem, the same for Phtoshop.

    You need to either downgrade your OS X again or you need to upgrade QuarkXPress to version 9. You should test QuarkXPress 9 before upgrading to see whetehr it runs on your current machine and have a look at the system requirements please: www.quark.com/Products/QuarkXPress/system_requirements.aspx (e.g. no support for PowerPC-based machines anymore, last version to support PowerPCs e.g. Universal builds is QuarkXPress 8.5)

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    You could have purchased a CS5 update a few days before CS6 so that they'd float you to CS6. The cutoff to buy CS6 is CS3. You could still buy an upgrade to CS5 from CS2. Amazon may have some leftover copies. With Quark I'm not sure how back upgrade eligibility goes. What could possibly make you think they'd maintain support several versions back? The program is still supported, but normally you'd upgrade at times. If you need to run old software, you're better off keeping your OS frozen in time as well. In this case if you can't afford the new ones, you could roll back your OS.
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    Hi thekev,

    You can currently upgrade from any version of QuarkXPress to version 8 or 9, so also from QuarkXPress 6.

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    Both apps require Rosetta as they are Power PC apps.

    You can look into upgrading those as others have suggested or go back to Snow Leopard (the last OS that has Rosetta support).
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    Thanks dude. You could probably find a CS5 box upgrade around $150 as it's the old one. If that runs, continue as planned. Otherwise go to CS6 for another $200, and Quark would cost roughly $350 to upgrade since it's eligible. It might be more in the UK. I noted the use of £. Given that everything prior to CS4 was based off the Carbon API, there's 0 chance of it running on anything past Snow Leopard. CS3 should run on SL. I'm not sure about 2. Quark couldn't run past SL either. It might be an option for the OP to avoid making the purchase right now.
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    If it gets the job done, then it gets the job done regardless of age.
  10. Lady Mac, Jul 27, 2012
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    Thanks for your comments.

    Yes, they have got the job done and didn't need upgrading - some of us cannot afford to do so!:(

    I contacted Quark re an upgrade to QXpress 9 - however they informed me - as some of you mentioned - the version I have is no longer compatible and they are "working on a compatible version".

    So quite what I do in the meantime is a source or anxiety.

    I am unsure regarding partitioning disks, which I imagine is one temporary solution - to have Snow Leopard and Mountain Lion on same computer.

    Does this sound feasible?
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    I can only talk from experience about Photoshop, but I have to ask, have you looked at other versions of Photoshop? Do you really need a CS version or can you get everything you need from a lesser suite?

    I can't afford CS6, or CS5, and I came from CS3 back on my PC. But I found that Elements 10 is more than enough for my photo editing needs. Have you looked into the features of other Photoshop suites?
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    Photoshop et al

    Thank you for your speedy reply Sylon:)

    I use Photoshop for editing photo's, but mainly for creating text, so I don't think Elements would have all I really need, but appreciate your suggestions.

    I am now also finding other programs I cannot use in addition to Photoshop and Quark - yes maybe I should have investigated ML much further as this is going to prove a very costly oversight!

    I can upgrade the Quark from any version back to 3, but as mentioned, Quark 9 is NOT compatible with ML at the moment.

    I'm still wondering if it's possible to run SLeopard and ML on my comp and start up with one or the other as necessary, just hesitating in case I lose everything.

    Any sensible solutions would be greatly appreciated.

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    Oh how the mighty have fallen, I remember when Quark Xpress was the industry standard, now they don't even have a version that works with the latest OS? Shameful.

    Sorry, I don't have much in a way of solutions for you, but in the future, you should DEFINITELY look into buying an external HD to do time machine backups. This mistake could have been rectified in literally 2 clicks and a few minutes if you had a time machine backup.
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    I'm using Quark 8.1 on ML, no problems so far.
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    I've been using Quark 8.5 on Mountain Lion too, no problems at all so far. So I'm sure Quark 9 will work too.

    Yes, it was the industry-standard, it's dying now. I only use it for one customer who I'm trying to convert to InDesign. Won't need to use it ever again then.
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    Upgrades and external hard disks

    Thanks for replies.

    Re Quark 9 and MLion - I spoke with the Quark technical section and as previously mentioned QXpress 9 will NOT work with ML.

    I do have InDesign, but the version will NOT work with ML.
    However, having worked with Quark since 1989 I preferred it to ID.

    I do have an external hard disk and back up files etc.
    The point being the versions of Quark, InDesign, Photoshop, and others will NOT work with Mountain Lion 10.8.

    I am willing to upgrade and pay for programmes I need, but as is rightly said, it is shameful to have to start all over again!
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    Adobe Creative Cloud subscription is only £49 per month (cheaper if you already have a creative suite licence read their site for the full details of the offer).

    This will give ou the latest and compatible version of photoshop and every other adobe application, so I guess ou could use InDesign while you wait for Quark to be updated.

    Good luck.
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    Well, two of us are using 8, and I can't imagine what they could have done to 9 to break it. I don't think your Quark tech knows what he's talking about. Wouldn't be the first time.
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    Or just switch to InDesign and convert your Quark docs with this. Not perfect conversions but gets you 90% there.
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    Yeah it's expensive. You should remember that you're basically losing upgrade eligibility on photoshop. Their policy used to be up to 3 versions back. If you really wanted to push it you could upgrade within a few days of the 4th version so that they would float the upgrade to the next version. In your case CS5 was the last eligible one, and CS6 can only be upgraded from anything prior to CS5 if purchased before the end of 2012 as they're tightening their upgrade policies to one version back. Given your financial constraints, you may want to investigate cheaper solutions going forward. Their alternative option is a rental policy, and it's relatively expensive compared to the older licensing model.
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    Just to let you know in case anyone else has similar problems with ML 10.8 compatibility issues.

    I had an online chat with a Quark technician again and via remote access he got the test drive version of QXp 9.3 up, running and opening all my files - what a star! If all goes well I will very happily pay for the upgrade.

    Re Photoshop - I downloaded the trial version of Pixelmator and that has all I need.

    Re Apple Works - bought Pages and all my spreadsheets opened straight away.


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