QuarkXpress 7 better but not good enough

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Aug 7, 2006.

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    Buh-Bye Quark

    I used to love quark back in the 4.11 days. Then 5 happened - Ugh! I can't count the number of botched PDFs that came from 5. I gave them another chance with 6, but they lost me with their HORRIBLE registration procedure.

    About the time 6 made me hate Quark all together, I turned to InDesign 2 and I began using it more and more. When the Adobe Creative Suite arrived, I lost all need for Quark. I've spent the past 2 years moving our legacy layouts into InDesign CS. Now I rarely have to fire up Quark and I'm glad.

    At this point, I don't care how great Quark 7 is. I'm not going back, and neither is the prepress department I manage. Oh I'm sure I'll get a Q7 file sometime in the future, but I know how to sweet talk my designers to save it down to a 6.
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    I keep giving them tries too. We have Quark 6 at work and it is one of the buggiest pieces of software we use. It quits all the time, makes terrible PDFs and convinces itself that half of your Quark 4 files are Passport files which of course you cant open unless you buy Passport. i keep hoping that maybe 7 will fix it, then I remember that its Quark and those problems have been around since 4.
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    Lame and lightweight review about 3 months after the fact. Barely submission-worthy.
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    Quark 4 put me off EVER wanting to be a print designer.
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    Maybe if they cut the price in half (about what it's actually worth) they might attract a few new adopters.

    I switched to Web design 3 years ago but still find I need a DTP app every now and then but the company won't buy Quark because it's too expensive -- InDesign on the other hand was a much easier sell.
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    QXP 7 quits constantly on me

    I have been trying to write a review of QXP 7 for our user group newsletter and have had problems with it quitting on me constantly. I wish I knew how to get it to work long enough to use it for the newsletter one month so I can review it. I have disabled the third party Xtensions, tossed the preference folders for Quark, reinstalled it to version 7.0 and still it quits on me.

    Right now, I can open the document I had been working on, but when I change the view to fit in window, then use the keyboard to Page Down, I get a beachball cursor and it crashes. I can do this over and over.
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    It could be a font problem or anything really... If you have a repeatable crash in QuarkXpress, you might be best off going to their forums for a solution. Personally, v7 is not going near a production machine of ours until they release 7.1. Good luck.

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    still quitting constantly

    I bought a new 2nd internal hard drive for my G5 and installed a fresh system and did not import my Home folder to it--so everything was clean. I had to reinstall QXP 7.0.1 in order to use it on this drive, but for a day, it was working fine. I was able to open the document I am working on and make some progress. I saved a new copy and decided to try opening it on the other drive by booting up there. It opened but quit after I started scrolling down the pages using the Page Down key on my keyboard. Since then I cannot open this newsletter document on either drive. QXP quits immediately before it can even save a Rescue copy.

    If it was a corrupt font, you would think it would not have worked for even the one day. I have Suitcase Fusion which I used to scan and repair all the fonts--it found none that were in need of repair.

    I have about had it with QXP 7. The only problem is that I need to get this newsletter finished this week and I don't know how that is going to happen unless I redo the whole thing in InDesign :(
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    My biggest complaint with Quark 7 is speed. I've tried it on my Dual-core G5 and a Mac Pro, both were completely unacceptable in terms of speed. And I mean everything from launching the app to opening documents. That was a huge turnoff- InDesign, here I come! I already took a studio class at the Apple store too. ;)
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    Really? How much RAM in those machines, Lee? We've got 4 licenses waiting to be installed when I upgrade the dual 2.5s to Leopard (they're on OS10.3 with 2.5gb RAM each at the mo). Because of other colleague's intransigency, we won't move over to InDesign, so we're committed to Quark for at least another 18 months.
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    3.5 Gigs in the G5 and 2 Gigs in the Mac Pro.
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    Oh... I'm gonna have to set up a test machine then. I wonder if it's any of the modules causing problems i.e. Quark Vista or the display preferences.
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    I was wondering if I was doing something wrong too. Let me know what you find out. I would love your take on it.
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    I'll try the demo on my dual 1.4 (2gb RAM) at home a few weeks into the new year. I'm reluctant to use the unopened boxes at work until they've been installed there, because I don't want first activation to occur on non-work machines.
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    I can tell you that I did get a little message box when opening documents that said, "loading previews". I couldn't find where to turn that off though. But then I thought, if it's just loading previews and not full-res images, why is that taking so long?
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    I dunno but I've only just found out that Quark released the 7.1 update three days ago which claims that:


    So it'll be interesting to see if it makes any difference on your Mac Pro. :)
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    They did in the UK; at least for the Windows version, if you were quick enough. The full release of version 5 was given away with Computer Shopper Magazine last month. Along with the online registration required was an offer to upgrade to the latest version for £249 - which is a substantial saving on the list price. Copies of these have fetched up on ebay.

    Nowt for Macs, though, but I did not trawl the Mac magazines to see whether a similar giveaway was on offer in December.
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