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Question about 5G iPod. "Audio," "Free Space"..."Other?"

Discussion in 'iPod' started by Mazda 3s, Oct 29, 2006.

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    Mazda 3s

    All I have is music on my iPod. No videos, no pictures and one game (Tetris). What's "other?" Seems rather large to just be the file system or album art.

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    same thing im asking myself, frankly im not sure, maybe old trash files that didnt get trashed when you put new music in your iPod?
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    Other = notes in the notes folder, pre-loaded software/games, contacts etc.

    But that's a hell of a lot of stuff to take up 315MB...
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    Mazda 3s

    I have no notes, only one game and about 30 contacts with no photos attached.
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    How big is the game?
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    Album art takes up 68.7% of the "Other" space on my iPod. It all depends on how many songs have album art.

    To find out how much space album art is taking, open Terminal and type:
    du -hs "/Volumes/iPod/iPod_Control/Artwork"
    where "iPod" is the name of your iPod
    Same for other folders on your iPod:
    du -hs /Volumes/kPod/Notes
    du -hs /Volumes/iPod/Calendars
    du -hs /Volumes/iPod/Contacts
    du -hs /Volumes/iPod/Calendars
    du -hs /Volumes/iPod/iPod_Control/Games_RO
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    Mazda 3s

    Tetris (downloaded from iTunes). It's only 14.6MB.
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    Mazda 3s

    Terminal? I'm using Windows XP. And how much is your "Other" space taking up?
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    Oh, sorry I forgot this wasn't PCRumors.com .... :rolleyes:

    Anyways, on my iPod, one game and album art take up the majority of Other. Everything else is the leftover bits of Notes, Contacts, Calendars, and some other stuff that is hidden from view.

    If you want to use that space, turn off album art in iTunes. Otherwise, don't worry about it.
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    Mazda 3s

    I mean, how many MB total does your "Other" take up? 315MB just seems like a lot for some album art and one game on my iPod.
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    My Other is 326MB. If you turn on visibility in Windows Explorer, and then navigate to your iPod's folder, then iPod_Control, you can check the filesize of the Artwork folder and see for yourself how big it really is. For every song that has artwork, the iPod stores 2 versions of it, uncompressed.
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    It makes sense..
    my "other" is 295 MB and i checked right now thanks to that nifty Terminal code, and album art takes up 211MB of space for 2586 songs. Im guessing you have more than that?
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    Mazda 3s

    You're right. 262MB. That a little over 1MB per album. Seems kinda wasteful, but I've got space to spare :D

    Doesn't really make sense (to me at least) to store images to be seen on such a small screen uncompressed. It's not like it's going to be a 1600x1200 wallpaper or something ;)

    Anyway, thanks for the help guys!
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    true.. but like me.. i have album art bigger than 300 x 300 mandatory.. why? im just picky.. i have at least one that is... 1200 by 1280 or sumtin.. and i somehow can see the difference on the iPod screen, like no blocky picture, but idk other people dont mind...
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    Mazda 3s

    Doesn't matter to me b/c my iPod sits in my car 24-7-365. The only time I look at the screen is to change albums/artists etc.

    I see no reason to stare at the screen :p
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    lol, if thats your case, your better of disabling album artwork and putting more tunes in.. lol

    yea i say that in my case cuz most of the time i look @ my screen... @ school.. ignoring my teachers... lol
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    hi every1! i got a 30gb ipod video.. I've loaded 21 gb mp3 to my ipod but it shows 24 gb? what are the 3gb other files? How can i delete them?
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    My ipod got erased because i accidentally disconnected it before they said ok
    so now if you look at the preferences page it says that there is 11.37 gb of memory in the other category
    is there any way of checking what is in the other category because maybe the songs are in there, since before they were erased there was 11.37 gb of memory in the audio category
    PLease help!
    click on the picture to see enlarged version

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    so i have an old ipod nano (4gb) and i seem to have 2.4 gb of "other" on my ipod, but i have the album artwork turned off, and i have no games or pictures or contacts or anything! i can't figure out how to make the "other" go away... or how to figure out what is making the "other"

    how do you get to "terminal" so i can use that code?

    sry im rly bad with computers... :(
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    my other is 4.48 GB!! how the heck do i get rid of it?? btw i dont have album atrwork on my ipod.=-)
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    :mad:how da heck do i get rid of 4.48 gb of "other" and i dont even have album artwork on my ipod!?!? more than 50% of my ipods space is taken up with "other"!!!!!:mad:
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    other space

    I'm having the same problem as iPodOwnsall! I currently have 3.23 GB of "other space" on my 30 GB iPod that I didn't used to have. I just got a new computer and transfered my old library, so I'm thinking some old files got put on there in the transfer. I came across this message that might help :

    Your "Other" normally should be in the Megabyte range if you don't have other files and stuff on the disk drive portion of the iPod. So likely it has been filled with garbage.

    Simply use the Restore button in iTunes when the iPod is plugged in. This will clear out the iPod, put it back to factory default conditions and then you can resync your library back onto it. Should clear up the "Other" and give you many gigs of additional space on the iPod.

    Note: make sure anything on the iPod not already backed up on your computer or else where gets backed up before you do a restore.

    ***Okay, I'm a little weary to hit the restore button and erase everything! Does anyone know how you "back up" all your stuff? That last sentence was confusing but I'm guessing if you correctly back up, after you hit restore you can then resync everything back? So then how would you do that? :confused: Plus, how can the library put your songs back in the iPod if they're no longer in the computer? I had to delete them out months ago because they were taking up all my computer's space, but of course they're still "in" the library & iPod.
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    backing up your ipod

    senuti works nicely...be sure to follow instructions or you could screw yourself up...i've safely archived over 20 gigs, many songs of which were not on anything but my pod.


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    Same prob here. 16GB ipod touch and 5,16Gb others????
    No specials installed, just some youtube vids (appr. 200MB)

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    Tom B.

    If you have the problem of having huge amounts of 'Other', the best thing to do would be to just restore the iPod.

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