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Question about CS3 and selling

Discussion in 'Web Design and Development' started by sthpark7791, Aug 29, 2007.

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    I don't think it would be legal, but I could be wrong.
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    If you check on the Adobe site, using an EDU version you can not use it to make money from any of the programs. However if you were to say, sell some of your photos or whatever art you create that seems to be fine depending "who" you speak with when calling Adobe for more info.
    I know that I'm going to be selling my Adobe Studio 8 EDU, since I'll be using Flash for more than just my art but creating logos for some local shops. So I just want to make sure down the road but I'm also sure some have used the EDU apps. until they get off their feet from school ;)
    Good luck…
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    thanks for the replies. Looks like I'll have to do quite the bit of saving :(
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    Actually Adobe's academic licensing is the least restrictive in the industry. You can use it for commercial purposes after completing what ever education program you're doing now. You can even use it to upgrade to a commercial version in the future. What you cannot do is resell it or transfer the license.
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    My job was/is in edu so using it to make money was fine, hehe.
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    Its not like you get some magical version that doesn't allow you to create commercial projects. There is no watermark on the final product that says "OMG CREATED WITH EDU SOFTWARE LOLZ"

    Its the exact same software, you are technically violating the EULA if you use it for commercial purposes, but... who cares? Nobody can prove a thing.
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    Adobe cares. And I'm sure the authorities care because it's illegal.

    Honestly, if you're going to use it to do commercial work, then the Adobe Suite shouldn't be out of your price range.

    If you're looking to get into the field, I'd think it an unwise investment to shell out over $1k for software unless you're absolutely sure you want to go into this field. It helps to be a student and Adobe is simply helping students and educational institutions.

    For me it doesn't matter so much if you can prove it or not. It's wrong. And I would like to think that people actually have morals, values and consciences (although I know that is not the case with many people, including you).
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    Actually I have a file from Adobe that states I "can" sell my Studio 8 to someone else that is in the education field as long as I remove it, Studio 8 from any and all of my computers and give/transfer everything to said buyer. Also they would need to show me proof of edu (staff/student) status.
    If anyone needs this file I'll send it via pm just drop me a line…:)
    I'm getting CS3 because I want to sell some of my work and the less stress such as legal or not is worth the $$$ to me in the long run.

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