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Question about Launch Pad...for those using Lion

Discussion in 'Mac OS X 10.7 Lion' started by Dimwhit, Mar 13, 2011.

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    I'm curious about Launch Pad. I understand how it works, but when you arrange apps into folders, etc., does it physically move the applications into folders? In other words, does the folder structure in the Applications folder itself change into the subfolders and you group apps, or is Launch Pad basically using aliases of all the apps and not altering the original app's location?
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    Nope - LaunchPad folders aren't created in the actual Applications folder.
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    Off topic but, I've used Lion for about a week now on and off, and I've never used Launch Pad. It seems... Useless..
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    I also have a question about launchpad. Are you able to put folders created in launchpad to dock? If this folder thing does not work with dock, I think launchpad is not really necessary.
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    I've noticed a few things

    - Applications appear that are no longer installed (removed everything from all libraries including install receipts)

    - Renaming folders causes Launchpad to crash

    - Empty folders cannot be deleted

    - Deleted icons return after reboot

    - Initial setup takes a long time as the OS throws app icons all over the place, creating 10+ pages with one or two icons (should be an option to select multiple icons)

    Adding the folder to the dock, wouldn't that be similar to a stack? Just creat a folder in Finder with your app's and drag it to the dock. I use stack overlays to identify stacks as the first item is always the one that shows making it difficult to differentiate a lot of stacks.
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    Yes, it is similar but we can't put stacks to left side (application side) of dock as far as I know. And if launchpad does that, it would be graphically better etc.
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    You can add Recent Applications/Documents/Volumes/Favorites Stack to the left side with terminal: (or Secrets.) Add as many as you want.

    defaults write com.apple.dock persistent-apps -array-add-multiple

    Launchpad doesn't look any better than stacks, IMO.
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    I didn't knew that, thanks. Than launchpad seems completely unnecessary (I never used lion but I feel that impression)
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    Your impression is correct. It seems like the only reason it exists is to have a place for App Store purchases to (visually) go to without overflowing your dock.
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    One interesting thing about Launch Pad is that when you install an app from the Mac App Store, Launch Pad is invoked and the app flies from the Mac App Store window to Launch Pad (instead of the Dock). From there, you can create folders just like on an iOS device and organize your apps that way.

    Right now, the only way to delete app icons from Launch Pad is to use this key combination:

    Shift-Control-Option-Command and left-click on the icon. Note that this only deletes the icon from Launch Pad, not from Lion. What I do is delete the app normally, then enter the above key combo to remove the icon from Launch Pad and I'm all set.

    I'm not sure of the limit for apps within each folder, but I've seen as many as eight apps across before another row is created. I really like Launch Pad, but wish there was a gesture to invoke it. Maybe in the next developer preview?
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    Do a pinch with all your fingers.
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    thanks for that - I don't know how I missed that one!
  13. PBF
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    I find Launchpad extremely useless. Haven't used it even once since February 24th.

    Spotlight does all the work, and extremely well.
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    I just booted up into Lion to try it out - the four-finger pinch works really well on my MacBook Pro and will be even better on my Magic Trackpad (as it's bigger). One thing I really like about Lion is the emphasis on multitouch. Yes, you're going to have to learn a few new gestures, but that's the direction Apple's been heading since the advent of the original iPhone. I haven't tried this on my Magic Mouse, but I can't imagine that it would be easier than simply using the Magic Mouse to click on the Launch Pad icon in the dock.
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    To each their own, then. I have my apps organized into specific folders and using Launch Pad is, to me, becoming more a part of my workflow. No doubt there are tons of people on both sides of this issue. I'm just glad that Apple has built in both approaches for us to use.
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    I just hope they allow you to disable launchpad and/or remove it from the dock in the future. Let mac app store purchases just fly into the dock like they do in 10.6. And I can't believe that they would make the launchpad a "permanent icon" on the dock. You can do whatever you want with your dock but you have to leave launchpad there? Really?
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    One thing that I haven't been able to figure out yet is how to move icons in launchpad from one page to another.

    There's no 'shakey mode' in launchpad like there is in iOS.

    What am I missing?
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    It's tricky. You need to hold the icon and "push" it to the page you want to place it in. It's similar to what a window/app into a nearby space. Sometimes it doesn't take and you have to try again. The downside is that you can only move one icon at a time at this point, much like iOS. To delete an icon/app you don't want, press control+option+command and select the icon with your mouse.

    Another issue, removed apps reappear after a restart and empty folders don't disappear/delete.

    In the Applications Finder window, you can organize your apps by category. Select "Arrange" and then "Application Category", very similar to "All My Files" ("Arrange" may not be in the Finder toolbar by default, so right-click to customize and add it). Finder has preset categories such as "Images", "Media", "Productivity", and "Other". A lot of apps fall into "Other", but if you hold the icon and drag it to the correct category and don't let go for 2-3 seconds, it will be moved into that category. Not sure what this will bring in the future.
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    During the first couple of days I used launchpad to get a feel of how it worked; now I do not use it at all. The reason being is 90% of the apps I use are on the dock, and since I have to go to the dock to launch launchpad there is no reason to run it. Those few that aren't can be found just as easily in the apps folder on the dock.

    If they had a way (not found one yet) of setting up a keystroke to bring up the launchpad then it would make since to use it (maybe on the next set of Mac compters/laptops they will configure a keystroke in).
  20. PBF
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    I'm sure future betas (as well as the final release obviously) will let you assign any key combination to trigger Launchpad.

    For now, it can be triggered only in two ways:
    1. Four-finger pinch
    2. Any of the four hot corners
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    I actually like Launchpad a whole lot more than the App Folder in the Dock. Launches faster and shows pretty much everything at one (unless you have a lot of apps).
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    Gaaah I installed MS Office 2011 and got a Bunch of crap in the Launch Pad, Equation Editor, Microsoft Graph, Microsoft Clip Gallery etc. Why o why MS...
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    Can Launchpad be removed from the Dock?
    If so, how do you do it?
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    No, not in the current beta.
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    I'm still struggling to find a use for Launchpad.

    I've used quicksilver since I became a Mac user, so I've just always used that as an application launcher. I really want to like and use Launchpad, but for now, I just can't get myself to use it.

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