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Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by itsjustmeee, Jul 27, 2013.

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    Memory is not the same as memory card which is the topic here ;) Some known memory cards are SD and CF. Do not overlook the word "card" in this case!

    One thing to know about the memory card reader in the Air is that normal SD cards will stick out (about 50% max!). There are solutions like the mentioned Nifty MiniDrive or the MiniDrive that solve this but you need to use microSD in those. These adapters are flush with the machine itself which is a must if you are going to stick it in permanently. It won't catch on anything so no risk of breaking the card.

    An SDXC class 10 card would be sufficient in speed for audio and video though, so no problem there.
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    Where can I purchase this nifty mini drive?
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    It is a Kickstarter project. I believe that hose who made the initial pledge, have already received theirs. According to their website, it will be available for shipping again in August.

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    Hi :)

    Is the Nifty Minidrive a good option only because nothing will stick out or there is other advantages ?
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    Try The biggest microSD card I've seen is 64GB. They sell them at Amazon. Make sure you get the one that says it is for the MBA.

    The SD card is slow. A USB 3.0 memory stick is a lot faster.
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    The micro SDXC card in my MBA is fast enough to properly stream full-length movies and music.
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    I got the Apotop Smart Suit a week ago and it seems to work better than the other ones out there, at least in terms of not having breakable parts. Only drawback are the colors, but I can live with that. Also a lot cheaper than the alternatives.
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