Question about placement of the Magsafe charger

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by SteelBlueTJ, Aug 31, 2012.

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    Just got an 11" Air and I have a question about placement of the charger. I would like to route the power adapter down behind my desk and keep it plugged in to the surge protector all the time, is that safe? That way the magsafe port would be up at my desktop for easy access to plug into whenever I need to charge and wouldn't have to constantly crawl under my desk to plug/unplug the adapter each time. Is it safe to leave the power adapter plugged in to the outlet even when the Air isn't connected to it? (if I'm using it on the couch or something). Do most people set it up like this? Thanks
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    Yes - that should work fine. I have several that I leave plugged in like that.
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    Unless you are my aunt, who completely shuts down her PC each time, and manually removes the power plug from the wall. She has also said she doesn't turn on her cell phone until she need it because the radiation is bad.

    The rest of us normal people however, yes we just let it plugged in 24x7.
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    Thanks, yea I figured it would be ok, just wanted to make sure. Just curious, do most use the power extension or just the first part? Does the grounded plug on the extension provide any benefit even if I don't need the extension? Thanks
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    Dark Void

    For your initial question - I believe it's fine to leave it plugged into the outlet at all times, I have been doing it for almost two years now.

    The only benefit from the extension is just that - if you need the extra length then make a quick installation, if not then you're good. I personally just use it as it came and still have the extension lying around because my computer is fairly close to an outlet.
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    At the office, I run the long AC power cord to the wall outlet. Then I keep the MagSafe adapter on the desk, mostly coiled, near the Air. I keep the small AC plug accessory next to the MagSafe. If I ever need to take the MagSafe with me, it's very easy; I simply disconnect the power corn and snap on the AC plug, and I'm ready to go. The AC cord remains in the wall, so I can plug in my MagSafe later without crawling under my desk.
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    Maybe she just doesn't want to take your calls :p
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    Now that I think about it... ;)

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