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Question About Portable Camera Monitors

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by Artful Dodger, Nov 24, 2012.

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    Artful Dodger

    I have been looking at some small portable monitors and with all the rebates now seems to be the time to find a nice unit for using it with my Sony NX-70U be it on a small jib, shoulder rig, tripod. Also I'm leaning at 5" units to keep cost down unless a nice 7" unit can be had within my budget. I have also thought about using one for my D7000 but it's not the selling point to be honest, just a thought.

    My budget would be between $400-$600 though if need be a wish list gift card(s) could be applied to up the cost difference but as a last resort. After reading and watching reviews on YouTube and other sources I am looking into this Sony unit (model listed below, link also) for two main reasons. Peaking and zooming at the same time. I know other units can do this just not in that price range or some reviews have left this nice feature out for some reason, not sure why.

    As far as inputs go, hdmi and I'm not sure about future proofing something like this. Would only having hdmi inputs/outputs be plenty or am I placing a limit on myself in the long run? I really don't see myself using more than my Sony NX-70U or my D7000 (maybe D600/D800 down the road if loaned to me for a specific purpose).

    Before I get too far and forget, input/feedback on hood covers to deflect reflections, excessive light and bright daylight would also be welcome. I have ones for my small lcd screens (they could be made better) but going bigger now raises the question of how deep should a cover be for outdoor needs other than enough to see. I'm thinking about a good seal around the unit to keep light bleed out as much as possible and of course common sense here on my part :D

    I like the fact that one can run off it's own battery power and run on a power source as well though it doesn't matter if it charges the battery while plugged in. I have two chargers that can charge two batteries at once so extra plates are pretty cheap to buy for different battery types.

    Any suggestions for other units would be great and if you have a unit that you are using and love please let me know what features are key for you and why (also for my needs if applicable). Some back story here for me is creating some shorts be it 2 minutes up to 35 minutes. Some comedy though I have a higher amount of darker stories and thus darker settings. I also have a few friends that have worked in/on some small Indie films so having a focus person alone is a plus for me though simple functions would be just fine for when said person isn't available ;)

    So my unit of interest are:
    Sony CLM-V55 Portable Monitor

    Also I have been looking into some Marshall units, none of specific interest though. I was also liking a couple ikan units, the d5w held a good interest after seeing some real world events using these with nice results (http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/890546-REG/ikan_d5w_s_dk_D5_Monitor_Deluxe_Kit.html) but again, $1000 right now isn't something that would be a critical need. Any input on these units or others would be great.

    Thanks to all the great replies and time everyone here at MR takes to answer questions like these :)
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    If you want it purely as a monitor to see the picture, then there are a few SWIT's that are OK.

    If you want it to judge exposure and colour balance, the only real options are Marshal, the Small HD DP6 or TV Logic V 56. The TV logic is my favourite but its $1000 dollars or thereabouts.
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    Artful Dodger

    Thanks, yes it's mostly for viewing as a 5" is nicer than the 3-3.5" screen and since that has some touch features you get the idea… I'd rather put money into nice mics and lighting but I would also like to not stress the eyes out either if I can help it. The bonus for it all would be using it on my D7000 but like I said not the selling point, just nice.

    How do most color adjust these, I mean is it the same as any monitor or do some use a Spider or color tool on these small units as well?
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    If your using it with a DSLR make sure you get a monitor with focusing assist on it. The monitor on the back of the camera is not good enough to judge critical focus on a DSLR!
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    +1 for the dp6. Resolution is awesome, several focus assist options, easy to use optional hood, tons of presets.
    Yesterday they announced a new monitor with an OLED screen.

    Consensus/reviews are their line is superior to Marshall or Ikan.
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    Artful Dodger

    Thanks for the input, they start around $799 and for the extra those seem really nice for the eyes and everything it offers.

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