Question about sharing apps with family members.

Discussion in 'iOS Apps' started by Sounds Good, Mar 21, 2011.

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    Hi guys,

    I have a specific question about sharing apps with family members. We have 3 devices and currently all use one iTunes account on one computer. (this may change, but right now that's how we do it)

    Let's say we each want a particular app that I've already paid for. If I try to purchase an app on our iPod Touch that I already purchased on my iPhone 4, will I get charged again? Is iTunes smart enough to know that my account already paid for this app? Or do I have to sync my iPhone after making the purchase, then sync the other devices and select that app?

    I know this question is a bit confusing, I hope it makes sense to someone! :)

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    It's based on your iTunes account, so you shouldn't be charged again. In the past, I've downloaded a purchased app in iTunes before syncing my phone and was not charged a second time. Hope this helps.
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    Excellent. Thanks! :)
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    Yep, this works :). It's not obvious though - you have to go and "buy" the app again. Only then will it display a message that says it's already been purchased. It'll ask if you want to 'redownload.'
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    I had a feeling it might be this... but didn't wanna pay twice (just in case).

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    If you're not sure whether you bought an app or not, try to leave a review - it will only let you review apps you've bought.

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