Question about updating my 1st gen ipod touch

Discussion in 'iPod' started by 88888888, Mar 25, 2009.

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    Should i update it now for 2.0 software? or wait for 3.0?:confused:
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    Is it jailbroken? Or are you rocking it without the ability to buy apps and such?
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    It's not jailbroken. it's the first generation ipod touch. I can't put any apps and games. I want some games on my ipod i got a while back.
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    I updated my wife's iPod Touch to the 2.0 basically at the same time I got my iPhone 3G. She really likes being able to add apps and games such as Scrabble, Facebook, etc. If it was me I would do it instead of waiting the 2-3 months until 3.0 comes out (June-July right?)
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    depends...whats waiting worth to you?

    Pay now(to get 2.0), and you'll need to pay for 3.0 again..wait, and I think you can jump right to 3.0**

    You save 10 bucks, but have to give it some time...depends what thats worth to you.

    **Its possible they'll make to upgrade to 2.0 first, i've not read anything official...
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    If you want the ability to play games then why not update now? Sure you could wait a couple of months to spend the $9.95 but why wait?
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    wait, if i pay 10 bucks to upgrade to 2.0 right now, won't i have to pay another 10 bucks to upgrade to 3.0?

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    Ivan P

    Yes, if you buy 2.0 now then you will still have to pay for 3.0.
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    mmk. ill just wait for 3.0 im not in thattt much of hurry. Thanks! :cool:

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