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Question - Can I swap G3 cpu from 500 into 400 iMac?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by jayb2000, May 2, 2003.

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    I currently have this:
    Machine speed : 400 MHz
    Bus speed : 100 MHz
    L2 cache size : 512K
    Machine model : iMac (version = 32.2)
    Boot ROM info : 4.1.9f1

    and I have the chance to put in a 500mhz from another G3.
    Not sure the exact specs yet.

    Is this possible?
    I looked all over but kept finding info on the Sonnet upgrades and such.

    I don't mind reinstalling, as I want to swap harddrives anyway (10gig just ain't cutting it!).
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    the processor is sodlered to the logic board on slot loading iMacs, there is no way to easily swap it out. there is one company offering a 300 dollar upgrade right now, but it requires sending them your logic baord and they'll desolder the old and solder on the new one. not somethign I'd recommend doing yourself. it may be possibel to swap complete logioc baords from one slot loading iMac to another as they are essentially identicle.
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    Sun Baked

    You do know that the CPU is soldered directly to the motherboard in the iMac, and would probably be a PIA to solder in the new CPU and set the speed.
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    If I can swap logic boards, thats fine.
    I just need to have the rest stay the same.
    Same case, hard drive, etc.

    Do I need to check boot rom versions or anything?
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    Re: clarification

    might want to update the firmware on the logic board you'll be swapping in before doing it. When you swap logic boards, everything is coming with it: boot rom, graphics chips, modem, ethernet, the whole shebang. Just pop in your hard drive and theorectically you should be good to go.
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    In a word, no. This change would be nearly impossible unless you had impeccable skill with a soldering iron. Even then, only two companies have ever done such an operation, and most shy away from it. If you do decide that an upgrade is an option, you'll have to make a purchase.


    You can however, overclock your 400MHz iMac fairly easily.


    You may be able to find some information in the above-mentioned site. NOTE: Overclocking can ruin your computer very quickly.

    If you want to speed up your iMac, make sure you have a fast hard drive, but even more importantly, max out the RAM.

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