question/discussion about new palmone zire's

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by howard, Apr 28, 2004.

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    Palm recently released new additions to there "zire" line, like this one

    It says its mac compatible. I wonder how well it syncs with things? has anyway ever used one of these? I would definitely use a cheaper model like this for various things if it worked well. Also, i havn't used a palm in a long time, do they still use the same graffiti style of input? or can you just write in and have it translate to text?

    Also, do any other companies make entry level color screen pda's that cand sync better with macs and have a better type of note taking input? If possible i'd like info on the newer pda's such as this and not old models. Thank you.

    btw, please nobody mention anything about apple pda's, this thread isn't about that.
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    What apple PDAs?

    I would suggest you check out this

    and find the list of supported PDAs.

    Personally, I enjoy the Handspring Treo line. Color screens and thumb keyboards.
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    There was an updated version of the Palm Desktop released as well. :)
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    thanks for the very helpful links guys, that answers a lot of questions.

    I never knew about that palm desktop app, looks neat, and isync is supporting a lot more devices than i had realized.

    i checked more into the palms and it looks like they still use that grafiti way of input, which i really dislike. if they were to get rid of that little input pad and make it able to convert your handwritten script to text i'd be all over those little devices. I don't know if anyone can asnwer this, but is that very hard/impossible to do? i know they have that technology in tablet pcs, why not palms? or am i missing something?
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    It's extremely difficult to get it right for every user. The only way it might work is if you always write a certain way and you train the software to accept that.

    That would work with many western languages, but not with something like Arabic where the form of a character is also defined by its position within the word. Japanese, Korean, and Chinese would also be very interesting to decode, depending on sloppiness.
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    this may be a stupid question but...

    when you sync these up to your mac after you've entered data into the pda does it sync it back up to your computer? so that maybe you've added a thing on the calendar, sync it back up...does it show in ical? along with new contacts or to do's?
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    i'm asking specifically about the all the zires and the tungstens.
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    Any new data you enter in either the computer or the PDA will be reflected on the other device, thats what sync means.

    I suggest you do some research on Apple and Palm's websites for more information for new PDA users.

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