question for new pb owners, keyboard space

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by abhishekit, Jun 20, 2004.

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    Hey all
    I bought a new pb yesterday, 12". And boy, is it awesome :D
    A question. There is a noticeable gap between the last line of keys (with spacebar), and the trackpad/palm-rest area. Its definitely bigger than that on the iBook.
    Is this normal?

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    If I understand what you're talking about then yes, I think it's normal. I have the Rev. B and it's the same way. If it's an excessive gap then maybe you should have Apple take a look, but I think it's ok.

    Good luck with your beautiful new machine,
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    each laptop has its own unique design.
    the 15" powerbook has a larger gap than the 12" PB or iBook for that matter. and the gap on the 17" PB is even larger. in all instances, its something you get used to, and they're all more ergonomic than using a mouse (aka Carpal Tunnel death instrument)
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    there is a pretty large gap on my 12". i think its normal!
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    My new 17 has a rather large gap.
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    I guess its cool then :)


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    Perhaps I'm using my mouse better than you and my trackpad worse. When using the trackpad, my wrist isn't resting on anything at all, and eventually, wears out. The mouse, my entire forearm is on the desk. Feels nice.
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    it all depend on the height of your desk i suppose. i lower my chair so that the desktop is at midway of my upper torso.
    my elbows/arms are always resting on the desk, with my writst on the right hand side of the track pad, and my thumb anchored below the click button, and i use my middle finger to navigate the track pad (because its the longest finger, i dont have to lift any of my other fingers higher so that they won't accidentally touch the track pad) for me this has been the most ergonomical, i only use a mouse when i need precision work (audio editing usually) the mouse doesn't strain my hand immediately, but 6 hours with a mouse gives me a little more tension than 6 hours on a track pad... plus the track pad is close to the keyboard.

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