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Question for scem0 or any pro ramen eaters

Discussion in 'Community' started by Danger! Will, May 12, 2003.

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    Danger! Will

    After reading your the forums I noticed you were a proffessional ramen noodle eater. Something strange happened when I went to the supermarket to pick up my daily fix of Coke. (the kind you drink that is) I saw packages of ramen noodles. But there were two different brands and I didn't know which one to get. So I grabbed em both. About 30 total.
    Maruchan and Nissin.
    Which ramen noodle brand do you preffer?
    What flavors?
    And do you have any cooking suggesting?

    I don't think 3 minutes is enough time for the noodles to cook. I'm thinking 4 minutes is just right. Anyway you got me hooked on Ramen. BTW I preffer Nissin Beef.

  2. arn
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    Here's a recommendation...

    after you make the ramen noodles... take the noodles out, and you've got the broth left. Crack an egg into the broth, cook over heat for another few minutes... until it gets into a liquid/scrambled texture... and pour that over the noodles.

    It will look kinda gross... but tastes good.

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    Danger! Will

    Sounds gross dude....I dunno If I'll give that a try.
    What I usually do is cook the ramen...drain the water except a very small amount...add the seasoning, put back on the stove while I stir all of it and eat. And repeat if neccessary.
  4. arn
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    Like I said... looks gross... but definately give it a try.

    In this scenario... you would not drain off the water... instead, add the seasoning to the noodle/water combination, take the noodles out, and add egg to the water/seasoning combination. Make sure you don't use too much water. (just use however much the package recommends)

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    Oh hey, I can contribute to this one...

    OK, do NOT BUY MARUCHEN. You will find that even if it is not always this way, there is quite a bit of stale ramen from them. Yucky. Go with Top Ramen...I don't know if there is still Sapporo Ichiban, but that used to be pretty good. I don't know about Nissin, it usually isn't available where I buy my ramen.

    As far as cooking time, I have cooked many billions of noodles in my time, and all I can say is you need to perpetually test to get it just right, otherwise it will never be fully consistent, and if you love your noodles perfectly al dente, this is essential. Plus you will, as with all noodles, always get better texture if you do not drop your noodles in until there is violent boiling.

    Try this:

    Boil, strain fully, put into bowl or plate and immediately mix it with sour cream. One (or slightly less than one) packet of seasoning per two packages of ramen. I also like to squeeze a little lemon on top of this sometimes. People think I'm sick, but it's damn good. BAM!

    Of course, I love sour cream and lemon juice, so you can't necessarily take my word for it, but it's a real cheap experiment.

    I like the mushroom flavor of Top Ramen, but I can hardly ever find it. Also good and hard to find, there is this tomato-something. Spicy chicken, beef is always good, oriental, pork is much like beef and also good, shrimp is ok but DO NOT PUT IT IN THE WATER, it STINKS. Chicken occasionally.

    I hear they have dog flavored ramen in vietnam, but that's probably a bunch of crap...

    Another "recipe" try mixing in cut hot dogs (cooked first, obviously) like you would in mac-n-cheese. BAM!

    And since we're on the subject, I like my hot dogs boiled whole then fried. Microwaved hot dogs are for gen-x commercials.

    I'll let you know if I remember anything else. I have eaten probably 1/100th of the ramen I used to since I started living with a good-cookin' woman. I've also gained like thirty pounds.....jesus....but all this talk is making me craaaaave....yummy ramen..........

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    sounds like egg drop soup :p
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    It sounds good to me arn! I didn't know that you were MacRumors resident gourmet cook! ;) Do you do alot of cooking at home?
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    baby duck monge

    funny that you would mention coke in your post, because i was going to recomend smack ramen. it's not too bad, and is quite cheap.

    as far as cooking goes, i usually drain nearly all the water and then add only a tiny bit of the flavoring, or i add a bit of tabasco sauce instead of the included flavor. you can also experiment with other varieties of hot sauce (i suggest marie sharp's).
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    in canada the brand for ramen is called mr. noodle. unfortnuately they do not offer the chili flavor which is my favorite.
    i usually eat the vegateble flavor and throw in tons of hot sauce
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    Hot sauce?

    I love Red Rooster as a Tobasco alternative, but it is hard to find where I am. i have seen it once in the last eight years and I bought ten bottles of it.

    You know what else is good? Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce...green squirting lid, rooster on the bottle...got it among some Chineese food a few months ago. It's my new favorite hot sauce.
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    Maruchan is better than Nissan/Top Ramen.

    I've found most people agree with me on this.. contrary to previous posts in this thread. Never had stale ramen from Maruchan. That's probably more of an issue of the store than Maruchan anyway.
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    Re: Hot sauce?

    So you are a hot sauce fan! You must have a cast iron stomach! :p I remember my mother using Tabasco Sauce with cheese and crackers.
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    Hot sauce, sour cream, and lemon/lime juice. One of the three almost always applies :D

    PS: What happenned to the guy who started this thread? Did my sour cream recipe kill him off?
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    It is always fun to look at the threads and see your name up there! Hmmmm let me search for Ramen noodle posts of mine:

    (and manchuran is better than Nissin, but that is opinion, and it can't be wrong - don't argue with me shadowfax :))

    here is my post (it isn't as long as I expected ):

    (The question is 'what is your favorite flavor )

    quote:Originally posted by scem0
    Hard question. It depends what mood I am in.

    Excited/nervous/anticipating - hot chili :::yumsky::::

    blah mood - beef

    happy/hyper - oriental (I love oriental flavored)

    sad/(blah * 2) - chicken or creamy chicken, maybe beef

    Tired and wanting to wake up - hot chilli

    Tired and wanting to sleep - creamy chicken

    weird/odd - A MIX! A mix can be very good. But don't try to get 6 diff
    flavors into one, because that can be very gross. Well, not gross,
    but as gross as ramen noodles get. And hot chilli doesn't mix well.

    Indifferent to everything/no mood - beef usually, but basically any
    flavor........ I am indifferent towards which is best when I'm in this
    mood .

    Usually my favorite is oriental, but I really like beef sometimes,
    and I really like spicy chilli sometimes. In all truth I love them all
    sooooooooooo much, so it is hard to compare them. But I am
    very experienced when it comes to Ramen.

    Wow, that got me in a ramen mood. Im gunna go make me an
    oriental package. Just 1 since I alread ate .
    How to prepare:
    Ramen Macaroni:
    Make some ramen, and then drain the water (wont work with
    broth). Get a cheeze stick and break it in half. Drop it on the
    hot noodles. mix it in. Let it melt evenly. Yuuuuum. Ramen
    Macaroni and Cheese!


    Hope that helps. :D
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    Danger! Will

    Danger! Will Robinson
    Houston I think we have a problem...
    I'm going to have to say that Nissin/Top Ramen is a better noodle.
    For some reason I think the Maruchan is too thick.
    Maybe it's time to try some new noodles schemo.
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    no h but people make that mistake often so I don't care :).

    I think both Manchuran and Nissin are great, and to tell you the truth, I eat Nissin more than Manchuran because the store my mom and I shop at only carries Nissin, but when I get the chance I get Manchuran.

    But Ramen noodles are sooooooooo perfect! You seriously can't get a better meal for cheaper.

    I always get all hungry after threads dealing with Ramen. I ate 3 packages last night though, and so there aren't any left. :(

    Oh well. :p
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    scem0, so you don't miss it I left you a great message in the Summer Dieting thread. I think you will get a kick from the post! :p
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    I'm with the hot sauce crowd, too much MSG in the seasoning packets for me. Dave's Insanity Sauce is the best if you can take the heat, its got capsicum extract (Yes the stuff they put in pepper spray) mixed in with the habenero pepper mash. YUM! Small drops though, a little goes a looooong way. Back when i was really poor, i used to eat ramen with microwaved potatoes. I could eat for a week on $5. Now thats savings! Oh and for those of you who like rice, saute it in butter for a few minutes till it starts to smell and begins to brown, then use chicken stock instead of water. Its almost a meal in itself. And cheap.
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    Salsa makes a great seasoning, the taste is just the right amount of spice. Tomatoes are very healthy also!
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    Danger! Will

    Any other recipes?
  21. zed
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    I usually try to add a boiled egg to mine (when i have time) and top with a little cilantro. Maybe a squirt of Soy Sauce. (or a squirt of Fish sauce... but not too much)

    I cant believe the insane amount of Ramen noodle threads there are here...........
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    I guess this just goes to prove that you can't keep a good ramen thread down! :D

    Personally, I like Nissan better than Maruchan. However, variety is the spice of life, so having Maruchan, Nissin, Cup o Noodles, Sapporo Ichiban, etc. is all good in my book.

    I think Arn's got a good recipe. Here's my point of view:

    Do the exact opposite. Put the sauce into the boiling water first. Put the eggs into the boiling sauce. Break the egg and stir. If you're trying to lose weight (as I seem to need to do from time to time) leave the egg yoke out and stir in the egg white.

    Slice up some green onions and leave it for last.

    Slice up some Tempura fish and put it into the boiling broth.

    Get some red pepper and put it in.
    Put some garlic in (garlic powder will do).
    Put some pepper in.
    Put a bit of soy sauce in. ( a tablespoon or so).

    Let it boil until the Tempura begins to inflate and rise to the top of the broth.

    Breath deeply the aroma of the broth.
    Put the ramen noodle packs into the boiling water. (I usually use three packs).

    If you have Korean spicey cabbage (a.k.a. kimchi) put that aside.

    Now stir the ramen until it starts falling away from its original dried brick form. (You'll have to take the ramen out before the ramen gets too soft -- because they it's yucky! :D)

    Now as the ramen falls apart, put in about a half cup of green onions and stir. They cook fast so that's why they're last.

    When the noodles are soft enough, take them out immediately and serve into a very big bowl. Put in all the noodles and half the broth. Spoon the Tempura into the bowl on top.

    Now cover the darn thing with as much Kimchi as you'd like. If no Kimchi, then use red pepper or tobasco sauce :D

    Now eat until you're sweating bullets and keep a pitcher of water by your side to steady yourself from bursting into flames.

    Heh. :D
  23. zed
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    well i couldnt take it any more...... i had to go out and get me some Ramen.

    Actually, i hit the local grocery and got some Murphey's Irish Stout and about 8 packs of Ramen. Dont let anyone tell you im not cultured :D

    oh... and... green onions was a good point, i forgot that in my previous post.
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    Danger! Will

    I forgot to mention that I dont cook the ramen in the cube shape it comes in. I smash it up before I open it and then it eat. I tried it without breaking it up but I didn't like it.

    Nissin/Top Ramen all the way
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    I don't get it...

    Danger Will,

    What's the diff btwn having the long noodles and the small pieces if you smash the block? Dang, this IS a quandry. :D I'm going to have to consult my Ramen Eating 12-step manual on this one. :D

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