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Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by Fnord23, Jun 11, 2006.

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    Jun 11, 2006

    whilst searching thru the net for hours and days i finally found, that i am not alone :).

    i have a problem and i hope now i have come a step closer to its sollution. here is my story:

    i have a old mac running in my music-studio, because i have a fable for vintage instruments :) - it is a quadra650 with OS9 - i have it mainly, because for running some vintage-soft/hardware which require a nubus2 card. which brings me right to the subject: i am missing one important software. i actually have the software itself, but i can not buy a licence (code) for it, because the company which sold the program has been dead since the mid 80s. now i found out my problem has a name :) abandonware.

    some facts about the software:

    # the programs name is "drumfile"

    # the company which sold it was "blank software"

    # the software is about 20years old and runs (not higher than) OS9

    # it is used transfering data from a vintage instrument (that is a "EMU SP12 - drumsampler") to a computer/harddisc - to save it there, instead of having to use a 5-1/4" floppy-disc, to save the work :)

    # it is protected; when i execute the software on the mac, it doesn´t even start. what happens is - the mac freezes completely and i have to "warm-start" it manually.

    me and a hand full of remaining vintage gear fans who also continue using an "SP12" would be very happy to have access to this software and so i am asking you if you could help me in any way? i can supply you with the unregistered version, which i have. if you can´t help, maybe you could point me out so someone you know that may be able to...

    thank you very much in advance - best regards, simon

    my email adress is:

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