Question | Hey, do i must have Snow leopard for (please help)

Discussion in 'iPhone/iPad Programming' started by yyhananyy, Aug 13, 2012.

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    programing apps for iOS?

    I'm new in all this xcode and application build thing, can someone please help me?

    I have mac ios x 10.5.8, i noticed that i need to update my ios to 10.6 at least to be able to start working with Xcode,

    i understand that there is a older Xcode for developing apps for ios 4,
    if i'll do it i'll be able to build apps for ios 5 as well? or i must have mac with ios 10.6 for the app to work on any iOS?

    also, what i need to buy and from where to start work with xcode?

    thanks :)
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    You'll be best off getting the latest version. I think even SL is too old, for iOS 5.

    If you must develop for iOS 5, you'd be best off getting the latest OS and Xcode.

    I've heard of a workaround to get iOS 5 development on SL, but why bother?

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