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Question on my refurbed iMac

Discussion in 'iMac' started by undrtow, Feb 18, 2013.

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    This is my first non-iPod apple product so I am far from an Apple expert and just have a quick question about my new computer.

    So I bought a late 2012 iMac from the reburbished Apple site. The iMac I ordered was a 2.9 GHZ i5 with 1TB Fusion drive. Well the computer showed up about a week early (awesome) and when I set it up today and looked at the computer setting under ABOUT THIS MAC, it shows that I have a 3.1 GHZ i7 (even more awesome!). I don't know if maybe it was labeled incorrectly in the Apple store, but I have no problem with the ugraded processor. My main question is how do I determine that I do in fact have the fusion drive, since I guess I can't trust the specs from Apple's site?

    Thanks in advance guys!
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    Under "About This Mac", click "More Info", then under "Overview", click "System Report". Click "Storage" when it opens and you will see the drives that are installed in you machine.
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    Yep, I saw that right after I made the post. Looks like it does have the fusion drive. Any idea why this computer would have a different processor than the one I thought I was getting?
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    Happens semi-often - a quick google search could confirm this.

    Glad you got a better processor :)
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    I imagine this only occurs with refurbished ones as opposed to new computers. But yeah, it was a pleasant surprise. What was supposed to be a 250 dollar savings turned into about a 500+ dollar savings. Not bad!
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    Possibly that was what was wrong with it originally and why it is a refurb. Or Apple just listed it wrong. Also possible Apple sold 2 of them and did not have 2, so you got upgraded. Lots of possibilities.
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    Well thanks again guys for the quick responses. As a new Mac user, I'll be reading these forums quite a bit.
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    You have just won the refurb lottery my friend!
    Well Done:)
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    Yep, it's quite common to get "upgrades" through in with refurbs.

    If they get a CTO machine back, they normally sell it refurbished under the standard model label, so they don't have hundreds of different models in the refurb store :).

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