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Questions About Preordering iPhone 4

Discussion in 'iPhone Launch Meetups' started by DJTHEFUNNY, Jun 12, 2010.

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    Hey just have a few questions about pre ordering iPhones.

    1. If you pre order do you pay up front?
    2. Where do you go to pick up your purchase?
    3. Does the Phone come Fully Activated?

    Any help would be appreciated!
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    This information hasn't been released yet, but if it happens as it did last year with the release of the iPhone 3GS then,

    1) Your credit card is charged when your iPhone is shipped, usually a day or two before it arrives.

    2) It will arrive on Launch Day (June 24th) if you pre-order it, but don't wait til the last minute because this could change if you're late to pre-order.

    3) It does not come fully activated. You still have to connect it to iTunes, but the process usually goes fast *knocks on wood*
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    1) Your. I don't think he is a credit card.
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    It was a mistake. Chill.
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    i have another question;
    if i pre-order from online for pick-up from a store, should i wait on the line? or can i just go inside and pick up my phone?
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    2 preOrder questions

    I will tackle getting an iPhone 4 in 2 ways... But I'm not sure how this works..

    I am not upgrade eligible, so I want to either add a line or do an early upgrade option...

    1. At the time of preorder on apple.com, will I need to designate an add a line then its a done deal to ship, or will I just buy one for 299, it ships on opening day, and then I designate an add a line when I go to activate... To get the subsidized price, I have a feeling I might need to set all that up before they ship... Will all this be possible via apple.com? Will apple know the intricate nature of my AT&T account? Or can they only handle new accounts or simple upgrades?

    2. How will apple.com deliver an early upgrade price of 399 for the 16gb? Are their systems connected?

    3. Will preorders start at 12 midnight of the 15th?

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    What time?

    Does anyone know at what time the preorder begins? Midnight Pacific? 10am Pacific?
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    9am EST
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    The time for pre-orders hasn't been said officially yet.
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    1. It will give you an option on whether you want to upgrade, add a line to an existing plan, or if you are a new customer. You will pay whatever price is applicable to you. And it all happens with Apple.

    2. Magic.

    3. Again, the time hasn't been set yet. I know I'll be waiting at midnight :D
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    There is a thread which discusses this time line. The answer from an Apple tech was 9am EST but to your point who knows...only steve jobs
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    Midnight EST or PST or HST...so many different time zones :)
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    Hahaha. That is true. I guess for me at Midnight EST. :)
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    This is an internet forum. The rules of the internet prohibit me from chilling or letting a minor error go uncommented.

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