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Questions.. Thinking about selling iPad and grabbing a MBA

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by gdeputy, Nov 3, 2010.

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    I have and love my iPad. With that said, I mainly use my iPad to browse the web at night in my bed. The new MBA 11 inch looks mighty tempting for the fact that it has a real keyboard. I do love my iPad to death but I'm absolutely considering getting rid of it for 420ish (spend 540 all said and done) and taking the plunge on a MBA.

    I will say I doubt i'll do MUCH traveling with the MBA.. moreso around the house... but I will take it with me occasionally, and I think with the portability I'll be more likely to take it than I would a regular MBP.. especially with iphone 4 tethering I use...

    I just know that sometimes with my iPad i wish I was using a real computer for certain things.

    At the end of the day, I have a killer windows desktop that I use for my games, and demanding tasks.. I would want this for browsing the web, portability, maybe some SC2 (I don't expect great settings, but maybe...) and just for general convenience.

    Should I be looking at the MBA or MBP? They are around the same pricepoint.. which one is going to benefit me more? Which has the better screen for viewing, because to me that's somewhat of a big deal.

    Also, am I pricing my iPad fairly? I don't want to get less than I can because the thing is immaculate, not a single mark or scratch anywhere on it. You would swear it was brand new.
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    Dammit Cubs

    i can tell you right now. This is the problem i am facing. It truly is a hard decision. I'm trying to see how long my MBA 11 battery can last. There are something thats are great on the ipad:

    Casual internet browsing
    I use maxjournal for work and personal
    Reading e-books.

    But there are somethings that are just awesome on the MBA and i can feel the difference of productivity using this machine vs the Ipad. If went with the 13in, i wouldn't have this dilemma but the fact that I went with a screen size thats close to the ipad's. It made it alot harder.

    The biggest advantage the ipad has is that no matter what I did, the battery lasted 8 to 10 hours. That's what really made it awesome.
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    very curious to hear about battery life. One of my favorite things about the iPad is the battery life, which is really just incredible. I love my iPad very much but ultimately it does hinder a few things I would like to do, and in my experience the app store hasn't really taken off with great apps like I would have loved to see.
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    I sold my iPad but then right after my wife got pissed without telling her that I sold it. We know our daughter religiously praising the iPad. It is a lifesaver in many ways.

    She agreed I can buy MBA 13" but she wants at least wifi 16gb for our daughter.

    Believe me, the iPad is hard to let go. Now ny daughter keeps asking for her "APAD" and it's breaks my heart..
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    Tell her to wait a few more months for APAD 2.
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    lol, funny you say that.

    Now my girlfriend said tonight when I got her "you don't even consider me in selling your iPad, I've got over 260 games of scrabble played!" lol,
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    I told you, the iPad is a piece of art lol!

    Serioulsly, I never think about MBP.. In this time, do you really use a cd,DVD? It's all about memory stick now or data storage whatever that is. Eliminate the SuperDrive and all the way to MBA
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    Buy her one.
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    I think she's trying to say she wants the iPad and wouldn't mind having his. ;)

    Then he's got a good reason to get the MBA. :D
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    Yeah basically my girlfriend loves the iPad and doesn't want me to sell it, so now i, contemplating weather I want to drop the money on an MBA or mbp.
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    MBA > MBP at this time of writing.
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    why sell iPad? As much as MacBook Air is very nice (i have one), it still does not replace iPad as the choice for the toilet :)


    I did sold my 2009 Mac Pro buy the Air.
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    The iPad is cool and all. But it just can't replace a full computer.
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    Yeah OP you should keep the iPad AND get the MBA also :D

    but seriously sounds like you should get the 11" MBA instead of MBP
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    To all those wondering what to do, the iPad is a very different device. I have one and won't replace it with an Air although I will be getting the air.

    I bought the ipad for what it's good at, it's great to pick up in a morning and read the paper and great for films etc

    The air is a computer, I wouldn't wonder round reading the paper or books on that!
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    The best thing is to have both the iPad and the MBA, at least one of each for every couple/family LOL :D

    I wouldn't get both for myself but I'm glad my wife is getting an 11" MBA, it will be great for her daily activities but also for me when we will be traveling. On the other hand I would never give up my iPad, I'm certainly using it less now after 5 months of having it compared to the beginning, but it's great to have it there on my bedside table with my ebooks and pdfs and videos in it. I must admit that it's limited, you just can't do everything on it, and when I hit an all-Flash website I'd like to throw it out of the window :D Anyway, 3G connectivity plus the astonishing battery life make it better than the MBA for some things.
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    I had my ipad since launch sold it and bought the MBA however I miss the ipad and the battery life very much,I did get a good price for my Ipad so will use that and buy the next rev. next year.
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    I've invested too much in iPad cases to sell it.

    Ebay listing: " iPag 32Gb + 125 cases"

    Don't know if I could recoup.
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    I am sticking to both of them. I am keeping my iPad + MBA, but MBA 13 inch not 11.6.
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    I have the 11.6" MBA and have been carrying both the iPad and the MBA. I said last week in another thread that I wasn't selling the iPad. Today, my iPad is listed on craigslist. I already have an iPhone 4 for games and the MBA for emails and internet. I would just use the iPad as an e-reader and for that purpose, I might just as well get a smaller and cheaper e-reader.
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    I would do that myself, and just carry my Kindle 3. But the Kindles (and most other ereaders i've seen) aren't' that great for Pdf's which the iPad does very well.

    I've got a lot of pdfs.

    Note: i've got a feeling these smaller 7" tabs coming out, aren't going to be very good pdf readers. The iPad with the 10" screen is a bare minimum for me. Otherwise I would have to zoom constantly, which is distracting (and tiring)

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