Quick and Easy Polish for iPod Nano Obsessives

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Sep 30, 2005.

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    I'd be a bit concerned using something like Brasso on plastic, however.
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    Me too- I used to make picture frames for a living- and on plexi glass and lexan we used special cleaners. Using the wrong one can cause crazing in the plastic. Although - I wouldn't expect that from a yearly application of Brasso or other "wrong" cleaners. Brillianizer is a good plastic cleaner - but I did not find it effective at removing scratches.
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    Makes me wonder... what about all those scratch removing compounds sold for cd's? Would those work as well on iPods?
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    Would something labeled for polishing acrylic work on an iPod? Are iPods made of acrylic? I see kits (Ice Creme or something?) are sold for refreshing iPods, but I've seen non-iPod-connected acrylic polishes that cost less and seem similar: bottles of different strength polish, all in a kit.
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    I'm not certain what the ipod is made of - but my guess is anything marketed to cleaning plastics (acrylic is plastic of course) would at least work to clean without crazing the plastic - Windex will craze plastic so will other glass cleaners. I believe it has to do with the drying agents that create the tiny "cracks" known as crazing. The polishes used ( in framing ) actually remove coats of plastic to reduce scratches. So - in theory- a plastic polish could remove enough layers to weaken the integrity of plastic / lexan. This would take a whole lot of polishin' though. I am confident there are others out there who know more on this-

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