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Quick! Come and get it under $800 New 12" iBook!

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by OldCorpse, Dec 16, 2005.

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    OK, this hasn't even made it to dealmac yet :p

    Amazon is running a $899 brand new 12" iBook sale right now, and that is before the $100 mail-in rebate :D

    But wait! There's more! If you purchase the iBook today, you also get a FREE after mail-in rebate Apple Mighty Mouse... yes, I said FREE!! Did ya hear that?? FREE!!! :D:D:D

    The mail-in for the MM is worth up to $50, and since the MM is $49, yes, Virginia, that means a free Mighty Mouse.

    Also a bunch of other free after mail-in rebates goodies (Kensigton Mouse etc.) if you prefer.

    But wait! There's more! If you used the nifty A9 search engine owned by Amazon, you are eligible for another 1.57% discount on your ENTIRE purchase, and since your MM is free and your iBook is actually gonna be $100 less when all is said and done, you are actually making out like a bandit, considering the 1.57% is computed off the original amount (before the mail-in rebates). Of course you had to be preparing for that by using the A9 for a couple of days, so...

    But wait! There's more! Select Free Super Shipping and you pay $0 for shipping and handling PLUS, according to Amazon, it'll arrive no later than dec 23 anyway... shhhweeeet! ;)

    But wait! There's more! If you are lucky enough to reside in a state where there is no tax on Amazon shipments, you get it all TAX FREE!!! :D:D:D

    But wait! Ummm... actually DON'T WAIT! Go ahead and order... why? Cause last time Amazon held such a sale it lasted only for a day, and was gone. I'm not sure there will be another opportunity like this - the $100 mail-in rebate expires dec. 20, so you snooze, you lose! This is the best deal on a new 12" iBook that I've seen anywhere, so if you were thinking of gettin' it, well, here's your chance!

    Anyhow, yes, I did buy the 12" iBook, and the Apple Mighty Mouse. Can't wait! My total came to $934.09 after the instant A9 rebate (was about $14.90). Once I mail in the other two rebates (which I'll do as soon as my stuff arrives!), my total will be $785.09 +$0 shipping +$0 taxes!!! I mean, $785.09 for a brand new 12" iBook and Apple Mighty Mouse, that's insane!!!

    And no, I do not work for Amazon, own no Amazon or Apple stock and am in no way affiliated with either :)

    Of course, if you prefer to wait for the Mactels, well that's your decision. I'm extremely comfortable with buying the current iBook!

    I'm a switcher and looking forward to my new toys, natch!

    quietly dying
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    Nice catch, nice deal. :) I'm waiting for intel personally.
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    waiting for intel...

    I totally understand waiting for the intels, it's a thoroughly understandable strategy. I chose to buy now...

    I thought about it carefully, and here's my reasoning... of course, completely IMHO and just a subjective take for me, personally:

    1)The current 12" iBook really suits my needs perfectly. That I think is the key reason for me. The only slight regret? No superdrive! Of course, I can always get an external DVD burner, and it'll only be a hassle if I'm not at home... but how often do I find myself wanting to burn DVDs while not at home? Hasn't happened yet, so it's not so much of a problem.

    2)I get to use the iBook NOW - and I need it!

    3)What if the intels don't come until Feb., or even later?!

    4)This one's a biggie - I really, really am not anxious to be a guinea pig for a Rev. A laptop - almost every single time Apple has had a major change, the Rev. A's have had problems... I don't need that.

    5)The iBook's problems are the devil you know - we're pretty much familiar with the range of possible problems, and some of these we can guard against right out of the box so it can be sent back pronto if defective (bad pixels, uneven body, improperly set keyboard etc.), but who knows what problems may lurk in the rev. A intels down the line, like after a month or two? Remember all those bad motherboards on the ibook that would go bad? What a hassle (I haven't heard of that being a problem on the last couple of revisions of the current G4 iBook). This is a very major transition, and I feel that the problems are almost a given... that's not a lottery I want to play

    6)Software availability... zero danger of PPC software being abandoned for at least several years... the install base of Apple is 100% PPC, and it'll stay close to 80%-90% for a long time yet (years). No developer (nor Apple) will abandon 80% of their market. So, I'm not afraid of software not running on my G4. If anything, I'd be leery of the intels - tons of smaller developers may not bother porting from PPC to intel, and what about all the software that is no longer developed? If you run that under Rosetta, you're taking a performance hit. Plus, eventually, I'll be in the market for a new iBook, so no sweat.

    7)I'm buying Apple Care - this will last me until almost 2009. So, I'll be covered for the next 3 years, and considering that not only does Apple have to honor their warranties, but they'll still be releasing PPC machines possibly well into 2007, you can be sure that they'll keep working on backward compatibility for quite a long time. Bottom line, I certainly do not fear being abandoned with obsolote hardware/software. That install base will be big enough so that Apple will keep developing their OS for the PPC for a very long time yet!

    8)By the time I'm out of Apple Care, it's 2009. Anything can happen - I can be due for another iBook anyhow, so it doesn't matter that the current one is out of warranty. And now, if I'm ready to buy in 2009, that gives Apple 3 solid years to develop the macintels, and iron out any transitional bugs! Just in time for me to jump on a nice mature platform. I'm not going to be a bleeding edge early adopter. I want something that's reliable!

    9)Having bought the last production run of a PPC iBook, I'll have the freshest PPC for the longest term... it's not like I'm nursing a G3 until 2009!

    10) I only paid $785 and got a free Mighty Mouse - I doubt it'll be less than that for a new mactel!

    So, for those reasons, I'm very comfortable with my decision.

    And I won't be steamed by new mactels even if they come out in january. OK, I'd only be slightly envious, if the new iBooks were not only, say, 50% faster (less than 25% faster would not impress me), had a battery life of 8 hours (considering that current ones get 5-6 hours - anything less than 8 hours is not so impressive), but also:

    1) Came standard with 80 gig HDD
    2) ***BLUE RAY*** Superdrive
    3)maybe backlit keyboard like on the pbs
    4)much nicer, brighter screen
    5)Way better video card

    I won't be that impressed with Firewire 800, dvi out, audio in jack and such smaller refinements, though it'll be nice for those who buy them :)

    Still, I completely understand if you wait for the intels. Good luck!

    quietly rotting
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    It is a good hint that Macintels are near :)
  5. MRU


    1 - 60gig standard on ibook I think.
    2 - Not a chance. Too expensive to produce at the moment and if your doing HD work that required buring to BlueRay you probably are not going to be using an ibook.
    3 - That would be nice
    4 - A must but going on the recent 15" High Res screen don't hold your breath
    5 - No Chance! On board graphics chipset for the ibook. This is apples budget laptop, they need to differentiate it from the powerbook and most pc laptops use intel 915 onboard graphics, and so does the developer macs, so chances are very likely that this will be the standard chipset in the ibook at least.
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    Thats a nice deal. Right now I'm saving up for my next computer, hopefully I'll have enough after the intels are here. I'm hoping for a price drop on the current models. By then I should have enough. But if I had the money I would get one now, esspecially at that price.
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    It is a great price if you need a laptop before the holidays. But who knows what they will release in 2 weeks.:confused:
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    Who knew Oldcorpse was really Tony Little?

    Nice find.
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    Also, I posted this in another thread, but Ill post it again. If you type CUSTAPPRSAVE when you place your order, you get an extra 5% off! Im buying mine right now! Its like Apple is paying me to buy their prodcut. lol SO CHEAP!!!!:D
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    Thats a great price for the iBook as everyone knows its a great piece of hardware, and for $800 its a steal, Although saying this if i hadnt bought my iBook a few months back, and was still in the market i'd probably wait until january to see if anything is announced as a 13.3" widescreen would be sweet,

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    Coupon code doesn't work when I try to place it in my cart along with the iBook 12 inch. I'm being told that this code won't work for this product I have.

    Oh well.
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    Oops, sorry. Well, it's still a great deal. About the free mighty mouse, do you buy that on the same receipt as the iBook or do you get a free one sent to yuo when you enter in the codes from your order?
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    HERE is the link to that iBook with the rebate for everybody that doesnt feel like searching for it... It IS a good deal...
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    Yeah, the other 5% coupon didn't work for me, so I didn't mention it... and sorry for not posting a link to Amazon... I thought it was simple - go to amazon.com, type in iBook into the Amazon search window and pick the 12" from the search results... however, as long as I typed a small book in that post, I ought to have included a link... my bad :(

    Re: Mighty Mouse - my understanding is, you buy the mouse at the same time you buy the iBook, and pay full price. Then, after you receive the mouse, do you redeem the coupon... you have to go online, fill out something and use your shipping slip and stuff... and since the rebate equals the price of the mouse, the mouse is free once they return your money from the rebate.

    Re: the other poster saying "who knew OldCorpse was Tony Little"... hmmm... I don't get it... who's Tony Little? Sorry for being thick...

    quietly rotting
  15. GWS
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    Indeed, my heart beat a little faster while reading that post. Thank you, I lost half a calorie because of that post...
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    This is a great deal and is hard to resist, but with the Intel iBooks looming (13.3" Widescreen I hope), I'm going to exercise some restraint and wait. :) For anybody that wants the current model though, this is definitely as good as it gets.
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    Ordered one!

    Hey, OldCorpse, don't beat yourself up over missing the "Tony Little" reference. I'd classify him as a trivia game answer. I only know who he is because my lady friend at the time ordered a set of his workout video tapes back in 1993 or '94. I'm not even sure if he's still doing informercials as I avoid those as much as possible! He's got a Web site now (who doesn't?), that's got to be cheaper than producing and airing infomercials.

    Back on topic, I ordered one of these iBooks a couple hours ago, using basically the same logic (excuses?) you posted earlier. It's for my middle school and high school aged stepdaughters. They're using a couple of aging G3 iMac DVs right now. This was just too good of a deal to pass up. It more than meets their needs, provides portability (very important now with all the time they spend away from home with extracurricular activities), is easy to tuck away when not in use, and, quite frankly, neither they nor my wife give a d*mn about the transition to Intel. Could I have waited to at least see what gets announced in January? Absolutely. But this is an excellent deal here and now, and it meets our requirements at a price I'm willing to pay. I am interested in the switch to Intel, but would rather not buy the first models, so this will help me wait until Rev B or C.

    Hey, thanks for the informative posts! I'm sure anyone debating whether to buy now or wait will find your reasoning helpful as they make their own decision.

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    Lord Blackadder

    I'm too lazy to go through all that coupon stuff to save money. My shopping style:

    1. Go to store.

    2. Grab item off shelf.

    3. Pay.

    4. Enjoy.

    Not the most economical method, but pretty stress-free.

    My brother is a real deal-hunter, he won't buy something unless there is some money-saving component like a rebate or sale.
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    . . . . until prices are reduced further upon the release on macintels.
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    err, I don't think so!

    Really? FYI, the Amazon deal I described when I started this thread - is gone. At this point, the 12" iBook just got $100 more expensive (the $100 mail-in rebate is still available though, until dec. 20).

    Actually, I kind of doubt your statement that upon release of the macintels, the price will drop FURTHER, or below what I paid... I bought this latest 12" iBook, brand new for $785. I'm pretty sure that won't happen. Apple themselves usually drop the previous model of 12" iBooks by about $100. Remember, we are not talking refurbs, we're talking brand new. So you're telling me that a brand new 12" iBook from the July 26 2005 revision will drop to below $785 "upon the release of macintels? Fat chance, IMHO. But we'll see I guess :D

    Regardless, I'm happy with my purchase, especially at this price. The only chance that you may see lower prices is if the new mactel iBooks themselves started at $800 as some have speculated. Personally, I think they'll keep the price at $999... ok, maybe drop it to $899... but $799? I don't think so! That said, clearly laptop prices in general are going toward the lower end. You can already buy brand new PC laptops at below $400 ($365 is the lowest I've seen)... sure, it's prolly a POS, but still... in any case, I'm not so sure Apple wants to play in this segment of the market (though they sort of have with the minis). I think Apple laptops will always have a slight price premium.

    quietly rotting
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    My husband ordered one for me on December 16th also. We paid $799 after rebate. It should be here tomorrow. I can't wait, it will be my first Mac. I've plenty of AMD's and Intel's so the new mactel thing really doesn't do much for me at this time. I just want to switch!!
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    Yes, mac newbie here also! And hopefully a switcher, though I must admit I'm a practical sort of corpse, and I'm willing to use a PC if that's the best tool for the job :) anyhow, I'm trying to prepare myself as best I can... I bought the two David Pogue books "Switching to the Mac - Tiger edition" which I already read, and the much thicker "Max OS X - Tiger edition", which I'm going to keep for reference (who has the time to read an 850 page book from cover to cover :eek: ). I can't wait to delve in, once the lappy arrives :).

    quietly rotting
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    Sounds like a great deal for the ibook, but the free mighty mouse is somewhat of a mixed blessing. I own one, and it's o.k., but there are better mice out there for, like, 15 bucks. The only good thing about the mighty mouse is the sideways scroll. Oh, and it matches the keyboard... I feel like I got burned!

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