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Quick question about PSP - specif. RPG/online games

Discussion in 'Games' started by illest813, Apr 11, 2007.

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    Hey guys, im considering buying a PSP. If i could just give you a brief history- i hate sony. i bought the wii, sold it (didnt like too many childish games/couldnt play the games wasted/baked). I have xbox, but only like certain games and obv there are gonna be good ones coming out but its far away..i used to play mmporgs but quit them as well as sc/d2/CS/etc. Basically once i went from computers games to console it just didnt quite do it for me. What i was looking into was the PSP because i saw alot of rpgs/online rpgs that i liked, i was wondering-how do they work? Im mostly interested in PVP - could i level up my characters during single player and use them online? I read you can do coop and PVP but if you do coop does that take your single player campaign and then whatever progress you make goes to your single player campaign? Are there any benefits to pvp'ing? Like in mmporgs special ranks, points, etc.. also, any info on online play in general would be cool even in non-rpg games like a call of duty game or NFS. I know this is a DS/nintendo biased board but I just dont like the look and layout of the DS and i think the games are too childish (i really only enjoying games I can play with other people and where its competitive, dont really like wasting time on single player stuff w/ no end game benefits sorta). Sorry for the long ass paragraph-also, is it a good time to buy the PSP? I know the price drops are enticing, but its been out for a while--any plans for a PSP2? Dont want to buy and have it be obselete. Any info would be appreciated, thanks
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    I got a PSP for sort of the same reason you got one, to play some RPG's and go online with it and things like that. Problem was i had a hard time even hooking it up to the net (security issues, but that was probably just my network.) And then i sort of just got bored of it and sold it. I didn't like it too much, the analogue stick gets uncomfortable after a while, my neck was aching some times but once again it could just be me. The thing does have some nice graphics for what it is though. Theres probably some new games out for it now that gives it a better reason to buy it (i sold mine about 3 months ago), but i had a hard time finding the RPG that i was looking for. Even though I've never had DS before, I played them countless times, I like it more because its more comfortable and simplistic.
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    so its basically just wack? everyone tells me its garbage and ill never play it, but im looking for an escuse to get it
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    Are you sure you're mature enough for a PSP? Its games require patience and lots of it. :)

    PSPs are good for dust collecting at the moment. Not going with a DS when you want RPG/online games, would be similar to not choosing a 360 and wanting Halo 3.

    Also if you haven't noticed, console RPGs in general can be construed as "childish," so are you sure it's what you want? ;)

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    am i mature enough for a handheld gaming system? lol, no.sorry im not

    anyway, ur comparison doesnt really make sense..i dont want pokemon, or any of that harvest moon BS. Im sorry i dont know enough about the details of sony PSP jackaxe, thats why im asking. the psp roleplaying games seem alot more "MATURE" or "older" compared to the DS "childish" games. thats what im asking, sorry =\
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    Odd, the best way to play Wii is when you're wasted.

    Also ironic, the last game that supposedly made the PSP worth owning is the even-more-childish-than-anything-Nintendo-would-make Loco Roco...

    *sigh* gamers and their priorities nowadays...
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    im sorry man i dont know all this, all i wanted was a nice handheld (happen to like the look of psp better) where i can buy like CoD(or similar), NFS, and some RPG/roleplayign games, but i want to be able to multiplayer all of these. i was wondering how that worked, especially in RPG- if you can play multiplayer and the progress you make if it transfers over to single player? idk whats so weird with my priorities, i just dont want childish games or puzzle games or anything like that..

    and i guess to clarify, wii is hard not to play when im drunk but baked =/
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    It's all too subjective. Gaming in general can be viewed as childish. It often is by my wife, no matter what game I'm playing. I'm 34 and I'm currently enjoying a game that you probably wouldn't touch if your life depended on it; Magical Star Sign. Super Paper Mario on the Wii is also loads of fun, but I can't imagine you being seen in public buying a copy.

    The DS is getting all of the RPGs. It has the best setup hands down. The 2 screens and its input screen make it a much better than a PSP for this type of game, not too mention many other genres that were only really playable on PCs in the past. And since the DS has been a massive success, it's the platform that devlopers are targeting first these days, so it's guaranteed get the better RPGs, which is already the case.

    Anyway, backup and look at gaming as fun. The games you seem to view as childish are usually the ones that appeal ot the widest variety of people, you know families. Who cares if it rubs against what you view as being mature. Wo are you trying to impress? I personally find the supposed hardcore games as being the most immature, since they are clearly targeting younger teenagers.

    Anyway, if getting baked is your thing, than I'm not really sure why you have the right to judge any other thing as being too childish... ;)

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    listen man i dont care who sees me playing what or doing whatever in public, i could care less what people think. thats not the reason i dont want childish games, its because i simply dont have fun playing them. im not saying that anyone older than 8 shouldnt play, everyone likes different stuff. i enjoy newer games that have good multiplayer capacity whether it be FPS/RPG/mmporg, w/e
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    Pokemon is coming to the DS and thats an awesome RPG. I mean yeah I guess pokemon is childish but you can't doubt that the game is really fun. I don't even have a DS and I'm getting that game just so I can play it on my girlfriends. And yeah the DS makes more sense for rpg's because of the stylus.

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