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Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by R.Youden, Nov 11, 2007.

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    I am thinking of getting an Apple TV is a week or two but I have one quick question first.

    When will it be updat.. no only kidding!

    How does it display seasons or series in TV Shows? On the old Front Row you selected a show then a season whilst with the new Front Row you just get ever episode dumped on the screen in no order.

    So does Apple TV display like the old Front Row or the new one?

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    the apple displays like the new one. You get an entire show in one shot. However, you can minipulate a show by how you label it. If you set up the seasons and show numbers it will show newest on the top to oldest on the bottom. So for example. I have 7 seasons of the west wing on there. To watch season 1 episode 1, I have to go to the bottom of the list. There are ways to show the first season first with naming schemes and such, but I figure I can just scroll.
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    Well that is really crap!

    How difficult would it be to add another layer to the menu to make it so much intuitive to navigate. Thats really poor. :(
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    Same as Leopard

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    Yeah, thats the one. I suppose I mean something like this; do you get:

    TV Shows -> List of Shows -> List of seasons -> List of episodes

    Or do you get:

    TV Shows -> List of Shows -> List of episodes

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    You get: TV Shows -> List of Shows -> List of episodes

    Which is another ridiculous feature Apple as still not updated. It should list Season as a separate folder.

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