Quicksilver [2002] & ATI 9700 Mac Ed

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by 2simple, Feb 20, 2010.

  1. 2simple
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    Feb 20, 2010
    Posted this on a different site's forum, but not getting any responses; so here goes...

    Can't get this combination working.

    Will boot os 9.
    Will boot cd/dvd drive tiger disk.
    Will boot tiger install disk from firewire.
    Will boot in safeboot, BUT no core image or even quartz extreme.

    Will not boot leopard install disk from firewire.
    Will not boot bootable tiger backup from firewire.

    Boot failure gets to the end of the grey screen with the wheel spinning, flashes the blue screen and turns black, or stays blue with or without curser frozen or beachballing ---- never gets to "starting os x" and always frozen from that point on.

    This box will boot properly with ATI rage 128, ATI 9000 pro [orig], and nvidia geforce 4 ti, none of which do core image.
    Seems that in all cases where it will boot, core image is either not possible or not necessary.

    I've done all the usual stuff: reset pram, cuda button, open firmware reset, erase and install.
    Yes, This card has adc & dvi, both of which I want.

    So, does anyone KNOW that this card has worked in at least one quicksilver?
    Does anyone know that this card has NOT worked in at least one quicksilver?

    Open to any and all sugestions - I just don't have a working mdd g4 and need to know if this very expensive card is NFG or really will not work in a quicksilver.

  2. MacVidCards
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    Nov 17, 2008
    Hollywood, CA
    MDD card only if it is the OEM 9700.

    I actually tried one in a Quicksilver myself....NO GO.

    If you are in LA area, I have a variety of cards laying around that would give you core image.

    Happy to trade.
  3. 2simple
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    Feb 20, 2010
    The Rominator,
    Thanks for the response. Nice to know some has "actually tried" this combo. "NO GO" begs a few questions.
    At what point in the boot process did it fail?
    What if any additional measures did you try to get it working - flashing, editing kext, hardware mods, etc....
    This card has adc & dvi, 128mb vram, runs in 4x agp slot, and should support core image. I was under the impression that this card is the ONLY card that has such capabilities.
    If it's not "OEM" then what are the possibilities?
    Which "cards laying around" might you have with similar capabilities?
    "Happy to trade" does imply an answer to my final question - "I ... need to know if this .... card is NFG or really will not work in a quicksilver". Apparently you do not think the card is worthless?


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