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Quicksilver Buying Advice

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by ronss, Nov 1, 2007.

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    i would like a g5 powermac, but not enough money now

    where would be better,,both of these are mirrored doors quicksilver,

    1 ghz single, 64mg 4mx video card, firewire 400 and 800


    867 mhz dual cpu, 32 mg video card

    not sure which to get
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    What's your budget?
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    well, i found a g4 mirrored dual 867 for $325,,, with 32mg video card...

    the other is a 1 ghz single cpu, 64mg video card...thinking its around $350.

    was liking the dual 867... don,t want to spend more than 400..
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    Get the dual 867 Mirrored Drive Door or look into an Intel Mac mini ~US$450.

    I wonder why the MDD doesn't have a Radeon 9000. They came at 64 MB. It works great for dual LCD's!
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    thanks....i was just wondering about the 1 ghz,,its the firewire 400 and 800 version,....but only single cpu....still go with the dual 867,,,with no firewire 800/??
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    Do you really need FireWire 800?

    The dual processor version would be faster then the single 1 GHz.
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    okay..going to get it....the dual 1 ghz or 1.25 are speedier,,but you pay for the speed. i dont see a whole lot of difference between a dual 867 or 1ghz..
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    Also you can always add a firewire 800 pci card if you feel you need one later for really cheep
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    You will IF you use any applications that can utilize more than 1 processor....... like.......maybe.......OS X, imaging, video & audio apps :p

    otherwise not much diff :eek:
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    thanks all...been helpful..i asked this question at macNN forum, and got banned for a week..i thought it was a bit harsh..but i am the moderator......later he said i was asking too many questions on buying advice...
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    That was rather harsh.

    Did you end up buying the system?
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    From what I saw over there, you'd asked your questions through 10 different threads that you'd initiated. From my view, that wasn't too harsh. He didn't kill them all, from what I understand.
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    oh well, i will live through it...

    yes, i got the dual mdd 867mhz,,, though i really wanted a dual 1.25,,but they come at a premium....and my budget was $300 to $400 range.... should get it this week if it gets shipped quickly...going from minnesota to phoenix...see if its faster than my quicksilver 800mhz...

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