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Quicktime - AVI

Discussion in 'Mac OS X Lion (10.7)' started by kirky29, Feb 26, 2011.

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    Hey all,

    If someone could point me in the right direction, Quicktime X isn't playing AVI's. I've installed several codecs.

    Now I can't remember if I had this problem when I first installed Snow Leopard...(it's been that long!)

    I'm posting this here because I don't remember it been such a pain before, so it could be a Lion bug? - but really might not be!

    -- I'm tired and this is getting me cranky ;-) haha!

    Thank you!

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    What codecs did you install? Did you try Perian yet?
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    Yep, installed Perian & DivX. Heck even Flip4Mac...

    Like I said, I don't remember having issues when I first installed SL all that time ago... :-/
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    Seems the codecs you installed are not yet compatible with Lion yet. Maybe they will some day, when Lion gets officially released.
    Maybe you could contact the Divx, Perian and Flip4Mac developers, if they haven't already tried it themselves.
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    Did you try VLC?
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    Yeah, VLC works fine, did without any having to install anything else.
    Even Quicktime 7 on my Snow Leopard partition loads them fine..
    Even funnier.. Quick Look loads them fine!
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    I'm thinking it's gotta be a bug.. Everything else that I've thrown at Quicktime loads fine.. Just not the avi files...

    Certainly when Quick Look from the finder is loading them fine!
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    For me Perian does not work with Lion yet.
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    QTX doesn't support plug-ins yet. I was hoping it would on Lion — there's still time, though.

    On Snow Leopard, lots of stuff that QTX couldn't play used a separate QT7 process to play things in the QTX player window, which included most things that Perian did.

    It looks like there's just no QT7 in Lion. Here's to hoping QTX will be mature enough by release it won't be necessary...
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    The DivX codec is working for me with quicktime.
    it did not at first but then I installed Perian and then it started to work!

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