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Quicktime Stream of MWSF 2008 Keynote

Discussion in 'MacRumors.com News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Jan 15, 2008.

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    Apple has posted the a Quicktime stream of todays Keynote event:
    Apple released a number of new products including

    - MacBook Air
    - iTunes Movie Rentals
    - iPod Touch software update - with 4 new applications
    - iPhone Software Update
    - Time Capsule

    Article Link
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    iPhone apps on the iPod touch cost!!!
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    Please can we have a download link!!
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    is it available as a ipod compatible video?
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    It might be that SOX law. I seem to recall that when the updater for 802.11n came out, they had to charge everyone $5.

    Of course, it could also be them wanting to make money on all the people that'll go to the Touch now, for the equivalent functionality (sans Phone)

    hey Mac vs PC: what about Office 08?
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    I am happy... for now

    I want a apple tv even more now after seeing this, but wish they would steal sling boxes idea and incoporate that to apple tv, even make a deal with networks to stream a few tv channels (with commercials) by passing the dish etc. and the price drop is awesome!!!!!!!!

    The iphone still has alot to be desired still no ichat or video cam but im happy till feb.

    i wouldnt rent movies unless there was a monthly fee and unlimited rentals ala
    netflix, even blockbuster has something like that, i guess apple has to build up to that?

    The airport extreme is awesome!!! and the price is great, jus gotta save up a lil more for my pockets

    The macbook air is nice... but... i wanna new mac book pro with blue ray, and 4 gb ram and 3.0 ghz speed to one up all the windows books out there!!!

    but overall I am happy, wish apple knew there were soooo many spoilers out there and threw a few more curveballs but again i am happy... for now
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    Why did it take you so long to post this? I am already done watching it! lol

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    i'm installing Office 2008 as we speak.
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    I hate that the stream is not compatible with my ipod touch. They are Apple after all!
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    The link isn't clickable for me - this sucks!

    Actually it works in internet explorer - not firefox!

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    why is it soooo tiny... it looks like crap in full screan :(
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    Eric Lewis

    download this somehow?
  15. jnc
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    This keynote just left me jonesing for a new MBP and ACD. Think they'll leave it until WWDC??
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    Steve made a bunch of speaking mistakes haha
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    I'm getting the same error, after about 5 minutes of Quicktime trying to load the feed. :mad:
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    I LOVE Lag.....

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    It is opening for me in Firefox but not IE. Anyway, it doesn't load anything at it really is very tiny.

    Is there a podcast of this yet?
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    i think i'll try to watch it a little later, since there will be lag right now
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    no lag here, playing fine.
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    He has to speak for over an hour, it can't be easy to get everything right...
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    If you can wait I'm sure it will be on iTunes as a Podcast in the next day or so. I doubt I'll even watch. Seemed really bland this year.
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    Doctor Q

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    Hearing him say "Tiger" when he meant "Leopard" was a surprise, since back at Apple Steve and the R&D department are probably already using the successor to Leopard.
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    Great typing Steve!

    LOL! He made 2 typers in a sms saying 'Hi' - the iphone keyboard is great!

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