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Quirky Cloak Black Review

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by nutsnbolts, Jul 27, 2010.

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    Here we go.

    I just received it and I am impressed. I can't say I'm overwhelmed with the quality and build but it does live up to the standard with minor manufacturing "leftovers" that could've gone through a little bit of quality control. Other than that let's dive into it.

    First and foremost, it's heavy. The clickety clakety hinge that was in the demo videos didn't seem to have made it into final production but it's actually nice this way and the overall rubber construction does hold the pad in place on a smooth surface which leads me to the next thing which the rubber construction attracts dust tremendously. It's not a big deal and barely noticeable (although in good lighting you can see it, as you can see in my pictures).

    The vertical stand position seems a bit wobbly and feels like the back stand can break if you force it to much so take good care when releasing it from it's back. Once again the back stand could have had a more reinforced solid plastic.

    The keyboard stand, on the other hand, does it's job. No complaints there and perhaps because it's so low to the surface, you don't feel that "wobbly" feeling, as opposed to, the vertical positioning.

    As far as where the iPad actually inserts into the rubber "holder." I do caution when putting in there because on the left side of the insert is hard plastic and I can see how you can possibly scratch the iPad. It's not a big deal but I would like to point that out. Once the iPad is in there, it does fit snuggly and it doesn't feel like it will stretch out and over time lose it's elasticity if you are expecting to pull it in and out of the case.

    As far as the port/power, volume, etc, openings, it fits exactly and no complaints there.

    I think that covers all of it. It's simple design that I'm sure was more complicated creating it but I'm happy with it.

    Oh one last thing, don't expect to drop it and expect that nothing will happen to your iPad, then again, I don't think there is any case out there that will fully protect your iPad from drops (just don't drop it! :) ) other than the Otterbox Defender case I think.

    So enjoy the pictures and good job quirky for the first release of this product.













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    I know that there are negative comments about this product but hey you can't please everyone but it is what I expected from a "portfolio" case.

    I don't like any of the leather type portfolio and this seemed to fit the bill.
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    Thanks for the review!
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    I wonder if there is some product (or common household solution) :) that would make the thing collect less dust?

    It looks pretty nice, but I don't want to have to Armorall the thing
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    Look at that cheap rubber.. It reminds me of cheap silicone that has been bought at handhelditems! My god that really irritates me.. Oh boy, quirky made a lot of money on this..
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    Ironically the rubber is actually better quality than you think or what is depicted in the pictures. That part impressed me!

    The plastic parts.... if I have to be negative is where I would point out. Perhaps it's more resilient than it seems... Only time will tell
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    Would be nice to see a side pic of this next to an Apple case so we can see how thick it is. If you don't have an Apple case then a side by side of the empty cloak next to the iPad.
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    Thanks for the pic post! :)

    Im afraid my biggest impression is "lint trap." Whats the best way to clean that & keep it from collecting more. Armore all as previously posted???

    I have the Apple case & its sorta 'meh...' but it does the job. I havent had to clean it yet but what does anyone recommend when it gets to that point?
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    Has anyone had any issues with the Ambient light sensor being covered up?
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    Haven't seen an issue with the ambient light, just had it one day so I'll take it through the paces tomorrow and see how it handles it. I'm sure it will be an issue.

    Then again, nothing that I have noticed anyway even when I didn't have the cloak.
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    I can tell you one thing, it is THICK. It is probably about two iPads high. As with all the other quirky posts, it is heavy.
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    I noticed that the Ambient light sensor was covered when the screen looked dim. I raised the rubber to let light in and the screen brightened up. I resolved the issue by cutting out a small crescent piece around the Ambient light sensor. It works properly now. Besides this, I'm happy with the Cloak.
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    Yes, ambient light sensor does get affected. Might have to do that mod as well.
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    Got my black cloak today as well. This thing is a major dust magnet. The vertical stand feels flimsy as mentioned. If you fold the cover around back and hold the iPad you are gripping the noisy stand piece. If you hold the iPad with both hands like a book the hinge mechanism makes it a bit awkward. Everytime you move the cover around you hear the stand banging around. The plastic is noisy. This case does offer many ways to prop up your iPad. It's just not comfortable to hold. And the dust is a real issue on the black model.

    May stick with my iskin Duo.

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    After receiving mine today nothing prepared me for the weight despite reading posts about in in the previous 24 hour period.

    I honestly thought there had to be something else in the box along with the case considering the weight of it.

    It is a dust magnet and the fit of the silicon case is very loose. Much looser than a cheap €5 silicon case I bought on ebay months ago.

    The only thing which has not made it a complete disaster for me is the fact that someone in our household likes it and doesn't mind the extra weight. For me - I'll stick to the infinitely more aesthetic, professional and lighter dodocase.

    Sorry quirky. 4 - 5 out of 10 for us here. :eek:
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    thanks for the LINTY pics...just proves what they are saying on the Quirky site itself.....getting returns by the DOZEN. Go the Quirky.com and read it yourselves....and dont even bring up customer service,,,,there isn't any....
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    by the way , if you want to review and post pics, you might want to wipe the damn thing off a bit...pics 5 and 7 ( i think) are borderline comical....if anyone buys it based on this set of pics , shake yer head...wow.....54.99 and no leather? Lint ? Flimsy stand breaks in 30 seconds? Enough said , lets move on.
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    I don't believe that he is promoting the product, HE is simply giving is own personal review/opinion. Therefore I don't find it necessary for him to wipe wipe the case off prior to taking pictures. He stated that it attracts dust and was just showing it in his review. I agree with you that it is comical that the dust shows up well in the picture but I believe that it depicts exactly
    what you get when you purchase the product. I feel that if he didn't show the linty pictures then he wouldn't be giving a solid review.
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    I couldn't stand all that dust collecting so easily. That caught my attention first when I saw the pictures.
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    Thanks Batman, that was my point and as I have stated in my review.
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    ya , ya you do

    you do get the lint , hair etc, go to quirky and read the comments, its every bit as bad as you see

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    Got my black Cloak as well. My first impressions. There are two issues which I don't like:
    - The dust is everywhere, and it just can get off properly.
    - It's heavy

    I do like the landscape mode for writing, and the protection that it gives. But I think that will also be done with a Yoobao case, which will be lighter and not a dust magnet. That dust magnet capability is really a deal breaker for me so I'm going to get rid of it.

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