Quite A Ride!

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by skunk, Jun 7, 2007.

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    Sounds like a lot of fun... :D
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    I wanna go...
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    Clearly the man in the wheel chair is mentally handicapped.

    No person with all their faculties would describe that ride as the man did.

    Kinda reminds me of something I'd see on an episode of Jackass.
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    Jaffa Cake

    While I was out on my lunch today a wheelchair-bound gentleman asked me to give him a bit of a push across the road, as he was having trouble negotiating some wonky paving at the crossing.

    Who knows, perhaps I saved him from the same fate as his American counterpart?
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    He's lucky the wheels didn't break off his chair. I think I'll pass on that trip.
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    Or perhaps he just has a sense of humour and that perspective? I know I probably wouldn't have enjoyed it at the time but looking back at it, it must seem quite amusing.
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    Luckily everything turned out okay.
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    i got next
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    That had to have been quite the ride! :eek:

    I think I will pass on it however. :cool:
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    Poppin' wheelies now taken to another level. :D
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    Is the word lorry British speak for Freightliner? :confused:
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    If freightliner is MACDRIVE speak for truck, then yes.
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    Who says "freightliner"? Don't us North Americans usually call it a truck and leave it at that?

    Me too. :)
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    For those who don't know, Freightliner is a manufacturer of trucks. A very popular truck here in California. Sometimes the brand Freightliner is synonymous with trucks, much like the brand Kleenex is synonymous with tissue.
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    whats more, you americans call about a dozen different types of vehicles a "truck".
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    We also call this a truck; a hand truck that is. :p

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    I'm from California and I've never heard of Freightliner before. I also would be completely confused if you asked for a hand truck. That, my friend, is a dolly.
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    according to Google Images, these two are dolly:




    holy crap. that sheep has blue eyes!

    all the sheep i ever saw (used to live on a property with sheep) had brown/hazel eyes.

    so it's blue eyes, with "blonde" "hair".

    omg it's hitler's arian dream child!!
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    I think "Mack" (ie: Mack Trucks) are more synonymous than Freightliner. Never heard a pop culture reference to Freightliners, that's for sure.

    Very true, but that doesn't change the fact. ;) Sometimes, if the "truck" is very big and has 18 wheels (or appears to have approximately that many), we may call it an "18 wheeler". However, we usually do stick with "truck".

    "Hand truck"? He must be making this up. It's weird for someone to troll a thread on wheelchairs and trucks/lorrys", no? ;)
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    and one is owned by volvo while the other is owned by mercedes

    according to the internet that seems to be the correct thing
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    2 wheel dolly

    Semi aka Tractor Trailer

    Truk Lagoon

    skate board truck

    Pick up truck

    So there. It's better then this English language we have. Maybe it's all England's fault.:D
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    that's soooo fun! i'd wanna try that!
  24. mpw

    "used to live on a property with sheep" yeah right, nice try at a save, but we all know what you're thinking...pervert.
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    He must have been absolutely bloody terrified. Imagine if the wheelchair had fallen of, or the truck pulled up close to a wall or something :eek:

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