quote: Macbook 2.0ghz 2gb RAM 160HD + goodies

Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 2' started by ivnds, Dec 31, 2007.

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    With the new year coming im itching for a Macbook pro, I feel im going blind since this macbook is my main computer and i do everything on it, id really like the bigger screen and goodies.

    Anyways! here are the specs, please advise on a good price to sell it:

    2.0Ghz macbook core duo
    2Gb ram
    160gb 7200prm HD

    plus! :

    Applecare thru August 2009
    miniDVI to Vga Adapter
    incase white/gray case

    original 2 x 256mb ram
    original 80gb hdd

    This computer is a little more than a year old and has been taken to repair twice, for the same issue, it had a hair stuck in the lower part of the screen.

    The first time i took it in, the lady said it wasnt a hair but pixels, send it off for repairs, had it three days later with nothing done.

    I took it to another store to avoid that woman, and another genius made sure i got it solved. so that issue is gone and i got a new screen.

    besides that all is ok, and theres applecare if anything goes wrong.

    no bumps, bruises or else, just the normal scratches on the outer housing witch are inevitable.

    i have the box install discs and all that stuff.

    let me know your thoughts, thanks!
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    I'll give you $600.
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    I'd say it's probably worth $1200 - $1300?
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    thanks for the offers. the computer has been sold.
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    A Core Duo? That's way too high. A refurbished blackbook 2.16 core 2 duo is $1250. This is probably worth $750-800 at most.
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    but that comes with a 120 5400rpm drive and 1gb ram doesnt it.

    i think the extra harddirve and ram bump up the price rather well.
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    It comes with a 160GB HD and 1GB RAM. How much did you end up selling it for? $950?
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    not a 160 7200 drive though, which costs considerably more. and 2 gigs is another 50 bucks
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    The extra GB really helps, if you do design work.

    The apple care alone is worth 250.

    It's sold anyways, and for less than 1200.

    It was a fair deal.

    Thanks for the interest though.

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