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Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by jykim0806, Mar 30, 2013.

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    what is the game on iPad mini called? (the right one)

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    I wonder if it's a screenshot from the not-yet-ready-for-release Real Racing 3. The pic on the left, on the full size iPad, is more clearly RR3.

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    What do you mean "Not-Yet-Ready-For-Release"?
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    I meant not yet at the time of that ad picture The picture on the left is definitely RR, and I doubt Apple would use a RR competitor in the same shot. Also, I think Apple was using RR3 info in its iPad campaign before it (RR3) was released. I have RR3, and haven't seen anything that remotely looks like the pic on the right.

    But, maybe it's not a racing game at all; just some car info app.

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    Oh I see, thanks.

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    Why do people sign their name at the end of their post? Do you know how many toms or daves there are in the world?
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    Tom... and Dave! ;)

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