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Radeon 9200 Unable to boot into OSX

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by icysummer, Dec 22, 2004.

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    I have just installed a new radeon 9200 pci into my beige g3, which just prior had been successfully upgraded with a sonnet g4 1ghz.
    i am able to boot fine into os 9, however i just cant get back into X.
    I have tried a myriad of settings in Xpostfacto, for my panther drive. i cant even get into jaguar.
    it almost seems as if the card is somehow incompatible with my setup, could it
    be the sonnet card. i can boot into X with my old rage 128.
    any suggestions? seeing as i cant boot into X, upgrading the rom is out of the question.
    thank you
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    just to clarify my systems specs
    I have a G3/266 with a sonnet G4/1Ghz
    384mb ram
    sony combo drive
    2 hd's connected to a sonnet tempo card 80gb/120gb
    stock hd connected to main ata bus
    i have 10.2.8 installed on stock
    10.3.7 installed on partition on 80gb
    9.2.2 on 80gb drive as well
    new video card is the radeon 9200 pci mac
    old video card is ati rage 128 16mb
    hope that is useful info.
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    will it boot with both cards installed?
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    i will give that a go, however it cant be a permanent solution if it works since i have a usb/firewire card in the 3rd pci slot.
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    tried both video cards together,
    still cant get into X, os 9 booted fine
    it seems X does not like this card.
    the boot process fails before my usb mouse becomes active (i can tell because its an optical and it flashes when it becomes active.
    any advice, please...

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    Sun Baked

    Try booting into safe mode in OS X, should look familiar to a OS 9 user -- since you do it the same way as booting with the extensions off in OS 9.

    Though you may want to set the monitor to 640x480 @ 60Hz (the safe monitor setting and same as the zap PRAM setting) before powering down and swapping cards.

    This way you can be sure you have the monitor setting set to something safe.

    Edit: course that's the safe CRT setting, don't know what the safe LCD setting is.
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    nope, none of that worked (safe boot etc)
    also tried putting the card in another pci slot, no change.
    OS X really doesn't like this card
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    NVRAM Settings in Xpost

    Are you able to see the vid card in the NVRAM options drop down menu 'Out put' in Xpost. if not poss PCI or Xpost or Card

    It has ATI as part of the open firmware addy. load both cards and see if Xpost can see them both. if you can boot into X with rage then open Xpost and look for the other card. make sure you use the same pci slot for the new card as you do for the rage in case you have a dippy PCI slot.

    You say you have tried various settings with Xpost so sorry if this is not new info.

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    as far as I can tell there is nothing wrong with the card, ive tested it in a couple of games in os 9, except for the fact that it wont boot X.

    yes, in Xpost both cards are visible, as well as inbuilt video, in OS 9 of course
    it wont boot X with both cards
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    Setting 'Out put' in Xpost

    You don't say if you selected the cards in drop down menu.

    If you tried selecting it in the drop down menu the addy should appear in the NVRAM settings. Try booting with one and if that is the rage boot again with the other selected.

    It's not your card not Xpost so probably not the PCI slot. The only other thing I can think of is the driver for the card. See if there is an update driver for the OS version your using on the ATI site.

    There is also an option to use old vid drivers that the os would normally not try that may be worth a go if there is no update.

    One other thing with Xpost is throttle. If you have this set to 8 or so that may give the OS time to load drivers. I'd try these things one at a time then together. Disabling L2 & 3 cache in NVRAM options is also a good idea if your having problems.

    Last Idea is to boot from a 9.1 install disk then start Xpost and fiddle with the NVRAM settings as above.

    If you've already tried all this then I'm stumpt.

    My best Bob
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    I had an old Power Mac 8500 that I put the ATI RADEON 9200 Mac Edition in, and I too used XPostFacto to run Mac OS X "Panther". Although everything worked. I did not even have to install drivers. Which Power Mac G3 do you have; the beige desktop, the beige mini-tower, or the All-In-One?
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    its the beige desktop.
    i contacted customer support, and they suggested it could be the sonnet card taking resources during boot. however shouldn't xpost help with this when you throttle? also i tried letting it wait 10-15 minutes for boot
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    limited success!!!
    i managed to get the white screen with the apple logo - going from nothing this would seem to be a great improvement. think it was input/output settings in xpost. however it just sits on the screenm does nothing.
    will try old ndrv, and maybe throttling the cpu back up, i have it on 24.
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    finally got it to work in OSX!!
    however it did come at a price, i had to remove my sonnet tempo card.
    thus having no access to a 80gb and 120gb hard drive. all i had was the 4gb stock drive.
    maybe i could get an external firewire drive

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