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Radeon 9800 vs Radeon 9700 vs GeForce 4Ti

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by bousozoku, Mar 20, 2003.

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    Dont Hurt Me

    Nice article thanks for the look. Here is what that badboy looks like and it just edges out the 9700. It will be interesting to see if and when apple will use this card.

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    best solution is to get the 9500, apply the software hack and bam you have a 9700 pro. one of my friends did and he said it works great. its a good way to save a hundred dolloars or so.

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    Dont Hurt Me

    Hey ijon, if that so then why the heck is it so hard for apple and ati to bring us the better cards? Also this is a little off topic but i thought ibm was going to show the 970 at cebit? you know anything.
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    I am not iJon but here goes...

    ati does not care that much about apple. no real need to, as far as deskptop stuff goes. the powermac is the only machine that uses the AGP slot cards. powermac sales figures are atrocious. not all of those powermac's have the "latest and greatest" video card in it.

    as for cebit and ibm... who knows what drives big blue's timing. they do whatever they want, whenever they want. one of many reasons why i do not foresee 970's in the Macs this year.
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    Dont Hurt Me

    yzedf you may be right, all the talk of ibm showing a blade 970 at cebit and nothing! And you are right about the powermac sales. this is why they need the 970 this year. Anyways lets hope they put the 9800 into the powermacs soon. ( i wonder if the 9700 has been released for mac)
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    i have no idea, i know as much as you. i dont blame them for not caring about us, check out the stats. first of all macs arent there main market, out of all the macs only powermacs use them, that slims them down, the cards are mainly used for game, and games and macs dont go to well in the same sentence. its all about marketing and money, right now ati is doing the right thing with the attention on the mac world. if we were to get more games i would expect ati and those companies to take us more seriously.

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    If you look to recent history, it's a big clue as to why it takes so long for ATI to bring us video cards.

    When the output connector was VGA, it was simple and the cards came out very close to their PC cousins. There had to be flash BIOS and driver differences, but that was it.

    The ADC connector is very, very different. It's difficult to bring a card to market, knowing that it will receive very little in sales or marketing from the host computer manufacturer or local stores. The card also has higher engineering costs because it is even somewhat different.

    Apple could implement a design, as it did with the GeForce 4Ti, to create a 9800 Pro and have someone manufacture it for them.

    If they're waiting for me to buy the 4Ti, they've got a long wait. I want an ATI card.

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