RAM - 256mb or 512mb?

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by kingofkings8183, Sep 1, 2010.

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    Anyone know if this has 256mb ram like the ipad or 512 like the iphone?:confused: 512 would seal the deal for me.
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    I have some doubts on 512. That would have been a big selling point and he didn't mention it. But so much of what this player needed, it got, so I'll probably get the 32.

    OT a bit... I'm still not convinced that the 8GB isn't a 3rd Gen iPod.
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    Why would it be a big selling point? Apple almost never makes a fuss about specific tech specs, especially something like RAM.
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    Maybe your right. But its a big selling point to me. The amount of RAM matters.

    But if Apple doesn't quote tech specs...A4, Retina,...How did we find out about those today.
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    why would they actually raise the price if it werent new?

    i really hope it has 512 mb ram :( my PHONE has more than 256mb and it runs on windows mobile!
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    It isn't, look on apples site, it say it has retina display ect. under the 8gb model.
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    I think it goes without saying it has 512MB of ram, iPhone 4 apps are clearly meant to work for it, there not going to create a split in the market all over 256mb of ram, developers would develop lower quality games so they worked on the ipod touch if it had 256mb.
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    A4 is not a tech spec. Neither is Retina.

    They are marketing terms.....

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    the ipad has 256mb and it doesnt get lower quality games.
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    I'm assuming 512, usually the same specs as the iPhone. They have never advertised the amount of ram, ever. And the 8GB model definitely is.


    Notice the "FaceTime, Retina Display, HD Video Recording, and Game Center" under the description of all models, including the 8GB. And before today there were two different "Tech Specs" for the iPod touch, one for the 8GB and another for the 32GB and 64GB, now there is only one.
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    Exactly. Now on the other hand terms such as "800MHz," "326ppi," etc are all tech specs.
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    Lower quality than what? iPad is first gen, games where made for it.

    Your a dev, you want make an app, you want to make money so you want it too work well on the iphone 4 and ipod touch 4, if the ipod touch only had 256mb ram then you would made the game more crap so it can run on that as well rather than just the iphone 4.
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    iPad has 512mb of RAM, it's just split between primary and user, each has 256mb, and I'm sure in someway apple will event some update to merge processing between both
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    Ifixit reported that it has 256 MB of RAM. Where are you getting that it has 512?
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    iPhone 4: 512MB

    iPad: 256MB

    iPod touch 4G: 256MB

    Basically an iPad in your pocket- with two cameras and Retina display.
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    Apple enabled VirtualMemory with 4.0+ iOS.. the whole RAM arguement is thrown out the window for the most part with this enabled.. SSDs used in the iPad/iPhone/iPod are fast enough to swap apps back and forth from background to foreground.. The only items that truly run backgrounded are certain APIs like audio, gps, etc. and those are daemons that are well under 100k of ram each needed. 256mb is way more than enough for the iOS.. iPhone got 512mb due to more daemons needed to run in a "live/active" state while keeping everything else running smooth on the phone.
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    Virtual memory on a flash mem device, that sounds funky. You know that flash memory has a limited nr of write cycles? While this nr is still high enough, several 100 000 of times, this "feature" will render it unusable more quickly.

    Yo write to the ssd everytime when you are switching apps, that could be several mb's of data. Whether it will reduce it's lifetime by a considerable amount is yet to find out. But refurbished 4Gs could suffer from this, since i doubt that the flash mem is exchanged in the course of a refurbishment.
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    This might have been true some time ago, but for modern flash memory and SSDs, even on a PC, the recommendation is generally to keep your pagefile on it, and not on a hard drive.
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    That wouldn't make sense! There was no 8GB 3rd Gen, it was a 2nd Gen. Why in the world would they make a 3rd Gen 8GB at this point?
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    Apple has confirmed the figure 512 in one of the WWDC sessions held last week in San Francisco at the Moscone Center. It is double the RAM in the iPhone 3G last year and twice the 256 found in the new A4 iPad with the processor itself.
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    FWIW, Geekbench reports 256MB.
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    It's 256MB RAM. My new ipod actually is laggier in some things than my old ipod :(.... But, overall i love it!

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