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RAM and gaming and warcraft3

Discussion in 'Games' started by liquidpophybrid, Sep 1, 2002.

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    well I've got a question about how and why RAM affects (sp?) gaming. Why is more better? I know that everyone says that taht's the way it is, but I'm looking for reasoning. Also would I really notice any difference in War3 if I added 256 megs 2100DDR ram to an already 256DDR ram dual 867 machine?
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    I noticed a huge difference in gaming going from 256 to 768 on my QS 733 w/ Radeon 7500. I can run UTX at 1280X1024 with no hickups unless I'm in a war zone. OSX loves RAM. Sorry, I can't give you the technical reason why, but it does.
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    Without sufficient ram, the computer has the write everything it wants to the hard drive (Virtually Memory) which it can't fit in the ram. This is much slower at reading/writing than using ram. Thus more ram means less info has to be stored on the hd, and more can be accessed quicker.
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    Thanks guys

    I was just about to ask the same thing. Think I'll get some RAM now too. Anyone know what an optimal amount of RAM is? Or should it ideally be maxed out?
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    Does anyone know where to buy specific Mac ram online?

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    i'd think if you have 512 you'll be fine

    but yeah, the more the better.
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    Another great company is www.crucial.com/ in the states, www.crucial.com/uk/ for us brits. I just ordered a 512 ddr, I just received an e-mail telling me when it will arrive. If you are worrying, because you don't know which kind ram to put in. It's very easy, a step by step process.
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    The best price that I've found for Mac RAM is through OWC's mailing list (www.macsales.com). Go to their website and join the mailing list. You can't beat the prices on some of the stuff that they sell. And, I know that you can use any type of RAM in a Mac, but OWC garauntees their memory will work in a Mac for life. You can't beat that!

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    try ramjet.com, prices are good and they are reliable.
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    OWC is the place

    I'm getting the same computer (dual 867, upgraded graphics card to ATI 9000, etc.) and I just picked up 512mb of 2100ddr ram for $127.99. Plus then the ram's guaranteed (lifetime warranty), and cheap too! That's where I'd recommend.
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    Having heaps and heaps of RAM puts the pressure back on the processor and bus, rather than the hardisk.

    As the G4 processer is no ***** when it comes to processing, having a whole lot of Ram makes gets things to the processor faster and makes EVERYTHING (including games) run faster!

    That about it (in very basic terms).

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