RAM in previous-gen. (800mhz) iBooks

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by cleo, Apr 21, 2004.

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    Did Apple really double the amount of RAM the new iBooks can take, or can the 800's take more than 640MB as well? ::scratching head::
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    My understanding is that the last models could support 1.128 gigs as well (if you could afford a 1GB module for the expansion slot).
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    Holy mother of God. I wonnder how I can confirm this for certain?
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    Argh. According to apple-history.com, all the original iBook G4's can take is 640MB. Funny that so few people have picked up on the fact that by doubling the RAM, the latest rev. is much more than a "speed bump." Oh, what I'd do for 1.25GB of RAM... sigh.
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    No, I don't believe you're right about that. I've definitely read of people, even in this forum I think, who have successfully tried 1 GB modules in their last gen iBooks. The 640 MB limit was based only on the fact that at that point 1 GB modules were prohibitively expensive. It was an artificial (i.e. fake) limit on Apple's part.
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    Ah, I got my iBook in January so I see that I missed/overlooked much of the discussion on this. Thanks for the tip... I'm going to do some research. Any idea if the 1GB chip now being sold by Apple for the new iBooks would work in an 800? If it screwed something up, would it void the warranty (RAM is considered user-configurable, but that would be more than they suggest...)?
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    Yes you can and on Previous G4 iBooks

    I have maxed the ram on my previous iBook G4 1Ghz to 1.128 GB DDR Ra. From memory purchased transintl and I don't work for them. There was clear noticable speed and more reliablity from the c***** Cruical memory. That only caused kernal panics and they changed it twice :eek:. THe other post all state caution, but the apple spec's when the G4 ibooks, weren't up date. So if can afford it or save for tham go ahead and install all that memory and the G4 will will alot better.

    Anyway my next goal is to update the the slow 4200rpm hard drive with 7200rpm with a decent cache memory. The Apple ibook and powerbook updates were good but with a few tweaks, the previous revisions will stand in good pace.
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    hmmmm, memory...

    i've had an ibook G4 800 since jan -- and i'm still using 256 megs of ram -- i probably should upgrade but it seems like its been enough. i usually only have safari, itunes, and a couple of terminals open and i really wonder if extra ram would make a huge difference -- i've got a dedicated swap partition and never really play games, warcraft 3 runs fine when i do. anyways, when i got the ibook i'd counted on waiting to get ram but the funny thing is the prices have actually gone up lately. a few months ago a 512 pc2100 sodimm could be had for < $100 which is no longer the case. but yah, as far as the 1024 stick goes its all the same, whether its for the brand new ibook g4's or the older ones; it will definitely work, ive seen it in action. 640 is an artificial limit, just get high quality ram (transintl does well). i just hate the idea of having a 128 stick and 1024 in the same machine, it just doesn't seem right.

    man soldered on ram really sucks.

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