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Discussion in 'Music Discussion' started by applemacdude, Feb 16, 2004.

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    Anyone here like Rammstein?
    What is your favorite song/video/album?
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    I think Rammstein sucks and I'm from Germany...

    might be because I generally don't listen to rock-music... ;)

    when I studied in the US, everybody always asked me about them, got kind off annoying, but it can be a start to get into the German language (actually we don't rrrrrrrroll our "R" like the singerrrrrrr does... :) )

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    I second that. Though I actually listen to rock music, I don't like Rammstein... when I spent my exchange year in the US, many people asked me about them, too... really ashaming that they are so popular in America, I hope most people don't identify Germany with them... :rolleyes:
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    Huh? Since WHEN was Rammstein rock music?

    Rammstein is f***ing german metal, guys. And a [​IMG] for their music.
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    I didn't say it is actually rock-music ;) But well, if you consider rock = anything with guitars, it definetly is :rolleyes:
    I just think they're not that great... and metal is something different for me... Blind Guardian, Nightwish... that is metal >:0)
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    (TheT) -->But well, if you consider rock = anything with guitars, it definetly is :rolleyes:

    -->I just think they're not that great... and metal is something different for me...

    "Rock" and "Metal" "lost" their original definitions over the past 10 years. So what one considers "Rock" today might not have been "Rock" in 1994. The same is true.

    Anyways, let me respond a little more directly to the original question, since it suggested that whoever responds to the question "likes" Rammstein.

    I uploaded my father's copy of the Sehnsucht album to my computer last year and have found nearly all of the tracks (except Engel) a straightforward, catchy, mid-toned and worthy listen. The lead singer's voice is strong and deviates strongly from many of today's young-voiced newcomers. That's one thing that I find refreshing (you can tell that I'm not surrounded by Rammstein fans...) about metal: A strong voice without attempts by singers with young voices to "replace" the strong voice with arbitrary language or extensive "screaming." I did hear one of Rammstein's songs -- not on the Sehnsucht album -- on the DirecTV metal channnel, and it kept those same characteristics of the type of music on Sehnsucht.

    I can't recall seeing any of their videos vividly, though.
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    The Du hast and Ich Will are masterpieces...
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    Actually Rammstein is industrial, not metal Also they are one of the great industrial bands that can be compared to Kraftwerk, Einstuerzende Neubauten and KMFDM. I am of German descent and i am proud that Dueschtland can produce great music like this. :D
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    Du hast: band walk in, do some Gangsta-style stuff, something explodes. Whoopedee doo? Now this is a masterpiece.

    Seriosuly, I've not laughed this hard in days.

    Rammstein is 'Pop' by definition. Popular. It's also sanitised for the radio and very, very widely distributed. Industrial my ass, it's very much... wannabe-'metal'.
    Comparing Rammstein to Kraftwerk, Neubauten and KMFDM is a travesty... well, maybe not KMFDM, Sascha is big fat sellout bitch**. But don't put people off listening to some truly inspirational bands by comparing them to second rate guitar crap - and not coming to the right "yes, they really do suck!" conclusion. Just because they feature in the DAC doesn't make them any more alternative than Britney freaking Spears.

    (** Having said that, I have tickets to see aforementioned bitch in London in a couple of weeks)
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    Keep in mind that people's tastes / definitions are different, so this arguement of good or not is really kind of pointless. Really, it is more about whether YOU like them or not.

    Personally, being an ignorant American, I have only heard Du Hast. I thought the music sounded good (the interplay of techno and heavier guitar was interesting), and it was complimented by the singer's voice. Unfortunately, I have almost no idea what he was saying. :D I have been told by an Austrian that "Du Hast" means "You Have," although most other Americans I have spoken with are convinced it means "You Hate".

    The video, although confusing on the first watch, I think was very well done. That said, I don't know what it had to do with the song. :confused:
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    I dont know how it is in Europe but Rammstein isnt played on Commercial stations here in America, they are usally played on smaller College stations. So you are saying if Skinny Puppy or Psychic Tv was played on the radio then they would be considered pop? :confused: hmm lemme think about that.....NO FRICKIN WAY!!!!!!!!! Ok and would Front Line Assembly be considered metal since they used heavy metal Guitar riffs on the Prophecy album???
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    If the genre became more popular and began to dominate Top 40 Radio, then yes it would be 'Pop' music. And if people like Britney & Co started selling records in the 100's then they wouldn't be 'Pop', unless one considers selling 100 records as 'Popular', but then that is subjective. ;)

    Brap is spot on, ;) 'Pop' isn't a sound, even though the term has been somewhat cannabalised for the mainstream masses. :)

    As for 'Du Hast', the first time I heard it, I think I laughed longer than it took them to write it. heheheh :p
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    Rammstein, here, is very much what the schoolkids listen to to scare their parents. Have you ever seen MTV2? It's a huge market - the kids with their £2 coins go into Woolies and buy either the latest Britney, or the latest Linkin Park (or however you write it). Rammstein, with their image over here are perfect for the majors to promote as "flipside", and tap into the vein of pubescent misunderstood gits. Didn't they play a spot on some MTV huge award ceremony fairly recently?
    If they were as accepted, as touted, as exploited, as financially supported, sure. Personally, I don't think Genesis or Ogre would let it get quite so out of control... Rammstein took a major label hand job (Universal, isn't it?), so to speak.
    So I'm a nazi - FLA is cheese. I've totally fell out with Leeb after the last Delerium. Sorry, FLA. Wait, what's the difference :D
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    I never really considered Kraftwerk industrial (by the way I also think they're overrated). Anyways, do Rammstein have a popular song or album or video out or something to spark this or just a topic of general conversation? Du Hast (sp?) was so 1996.
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    Err, mein teil is coming out at the end of july and the album is coming out in the fall
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    Rammstien are the German Darkness as far as I'm concerned, anyone who saw them getting spanked by the giant Snow White in the Sonne video knows that, I think they're worth the price of admission for the sense of humour alone. :D

    They are the only band who sing in another language that make sense to me... (uh oh, spot the xenophobe...)
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    I liked Rammstein...Until I got a translation of the lyrics...DIS-TURB-ING.
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    Music is the international language. Lyrics dont just define a song...
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    Rammstein?hmm...my favorites!They may not be the best..they may not be as good as Nightwish or Metallica or Accept but damn,they rock!:D
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    Yeah I enjoy Rammstein, maybe the fact that I Often don't understand the lyrics is why I enjoy the music??
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    Wow.. talk about Thread Revival. 3+ years.
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    Lol, I never even noticed the dates, just saw it pop up in forum spy and wham!
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    Neah,I understand all their lyrics and I still think they are very good...Because it doesn't matter what's the song about,if it is very good!:apple:
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    They're one of my favorite bands of all time. In fact, they are the ones that got me into rock music in the first place. Before Rammstein, I listened to the top 40 on the radio and thought rock was for weirdos.
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    As a Christian I despise the band: pure demonic.:(

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