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Random alerts, but phone shows nothing

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by portishead, Sep 19, 2013.

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    I keep getting these random alerts. I even checked my "sound" and I don't have that alert sound set to anything. My phone screen turns on also, but when I unlock my phone, I have no email/text/alert or anything.

    Has anyone else experienced this? I thought it was mail going to junk mail, but it's not even my mail sound so I'm kind of baffled.
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    Okay, it just happened again. I got an alert, my phone turned on, but nothing showed up. Then it wouldn't unlock and I had to restart. It happened at 11:50am. I think it was the new "Chord" sound.
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    Nice to see i´m not crazy!, same happened to me, only on GM, not on the past Betas, i thought it was isolated, it didn´t happened so often to me, to be honest, only once or twice, but the chord sound played, no vibration, and when unlocked the phone showed no new notifications.
    It beats me, no idea so far
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    The Facebook Notifications are responsible for the random chord sound

    I've had this exact same problem for several days, and It's been driving me up the wall. The culprit? It's facebook. I should have known this from the start that they would sneak in a slew of notification preferences on the WEBSITE for the APP. :mad:

    Anywho, go to How do I turn push notifications on or off from mobile? and shut off the notifications. By default, they are all turned on, of course.

    It's also answered on this thread FIXED: Facebook notification sound on iPhone!! but the current thread shows up higher in the google search results for this issue.

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