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Random Things for Sale! (Apple posters, too!)

Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 1 (Posts count)' started by Fuchal, Jul 25, 2005.

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    Dibs on everything is easier!

    EDIT: oh yeah, and PM sent!
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    Ah poo...:( I wanted the Panther OS X one but I'll settle for an iPod one! Also I wish you had another everything is easier on a mac :eek:

    PM me about shipping please for the iPod poster
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    Well the Panther one is still for sale, isn't it? Why don't you still take that one?
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    I'll take the Panther poster than also then! :D PM Sent (I thought u were serious about the dibs on everything :eek: )
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    HAHA! No, I meant dibs on the "everything is easier" POSTER! hahaha
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    I think he meant: Dibs on "Everything is Easier"
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    Now I understand - and yeah you'll get that poster then. First-come-first-serve is only fair :)
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    I'll take an say hello to ipod poster... PM sent.
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    Ryan T.

    Hey Sarah, your name sounded familiar. I'm Ryan, a friend of Jym's, and a fellow RITer. Just wanted to say hi.
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    Any idea on what shipping would be to Toronto? I'd be interested in one of the "Say hello to iPod" posters
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    A poster to Toronto would be $10 + the price of the poster.
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    Thanks, everyone. The following are left:

    10 copies - 1984 w/ iPod Poster -- $10 each
    3 copies - "Say Hello to iPod" Poster -- $15 each
    1 - Crumpler John Thursday 40 accessory pouch ($10)

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