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RAW files with Canon Rebel XSi and Aperture

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Twinkie, Aug 24, 2008.

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    Hopefully, I'm not alone here...

    I just upgraded from an XTi to an XSi, and normally shoot in JPEG+RAW.

    I'm using Aperture 2.1.1 and Leopard 10.5.4, so everything should be fine. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

    In Aperture, I can see the thumbnails of the XSi photos, but clicking on them brings up the burgundy "Unsupported Image Format" screen. This is consistent across all of the XSi RAW files, but the XSi JPEG pictures are fine, as are the JPEG and RAW files from my XTi.

    Is there something I'm missing here? I even went as far as trying to install the digital camera compatibility update (2.1), but the package installer said I already had a newer version (presumably rolled in to 10.5.4).

    I think I'm at the end of my rope here.
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    Try converting from Canon raw to DNG. Maybe Aperture can't support XSI raw yet.
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    Try checking Apple's list of supported cameras. I thought I saw that the XSi was supported, but maybe it isn't.

    PS: Why do you shoot in RAW+jpg? Doesn't that just take up more space than just RAW, but not do anything more for you?

    EDIT: http://www.apple.com/aperture/specs/raw.html

    It says the XSi is supported, so I don't know what your issue is. Maybe you need to reinstall Aperture, or rebuild the library.
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    I had kicked that around, but I shouldn't have to do that since RAW support for the XSi is in 10.5.4.

    Because storage is ridiculously cheap. I've got three 8GB Ultra III cards, and they were under $30 apiece -- not to mention 1TB of disk can be had for just over $100. So, the RAW files are the "purest" image, and the JPEG is there for "Look at my slideshow" type of applications.
    I suppose I could give that a shot... or I could just call Apple tomorrow and ask.

    I was just hoping that this was a relatively common problem. :eek:
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    It's a bug. Just restart Aperture and you should be able to see the images. That happens to me every now and then.
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    Sadly, this doesn't seem to do anything.

    It isn't an intermittent problem for me. If I click on a thumbnail from a RAW file produced by my XSi, I can never see the picture.
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    Try doing a reinstall... I hate to point out the obvious, but have you repaired permissions?

    Why not try making a new user account and opening some RAW files in Aperture on that user account. Then we can help diagnose the issue.
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    Reinstalling (since I had the trial version to begin with, and thought installing the retail version might have stomped on some files) was the first thing I did, and permissions were the second.

    I can reproduce the problem on two completely different computers (an MBP and a MacPro). I had read on another forum that people were running in to this problem if they pulled the pictures from the camera, instead of from a card reader.

    Anyone else experienced this?
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    I ran into the exact same issue when I first got my XSi and tried to load my RAW pics into Aperture. I started going nuts since I had just shelled out $X for the camera & kit lens, a second lens and Aperture only to find Apple and Canon weren’t getting along. In a last ditch effort, I checked Apple’s site. I realize that this should have been the first place to look but I have had such poor experience with Apple documentation, their site was the last place I thought I would find an answer.

    Long story short is that there is a ‘Digital Camera RAW Compatibility Update’ that I installed and everybody started playing well together after I installed it. I would give it a try.

    Here is the link:
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    See the post above, I believe he has solved your problem. :)
    On a side note, where in the world did you get an 8GB Ultra III card for under $30?
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    I just got a XSI (great camera by the way) and had the same problem.

    So I tried two things RAW+JPEG (not working on Aperture but still does the thumbnail) and RAW only (working !).

    Don't really know how to solve the first issue though for people shooting RAW and JPEG and I cheched on the link sent by TuffLuffJimmy and he's right the RAW is indeed supported by Aperture.

    Any idea ?

    Also to answer Jessica there is right a good 16GB SDHC card for $40 on Amazon
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    I dunno where they got it, but when I went to China I bought a 2GB SD card for $3 USD. :D
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    I just bought a 16GB Class 6 SDHC card here in Japan for 3000 yen ($33 US). ;) On my Rebel XSI (only it's called the Digital Kiss X2 over here) I can now do about 995 pics in RAW.
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    I just bought a Rebel XS and have no problem using aperture for RAW photos.. I think there was recently an update (from Apple) for camera RAW support. Do you have that?

    OP- Just went back and read some of your posts. I AM using a card reader. I have not tried doing it straight off the camera.. Have you tried a reader?
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    Well Im not sure how you upload but this is how I do it,

    1. Open Canon EOS Utility and Aperture.
    2. Connect and turn on my SLR (in this case its a Rebel XS)
    3. Switch to Aperture and download it from there.

    P.S: I wonder why Canon lower end DSLR has 3 names for different regions, lol (Japan: Digital Kiss X - odd name, Asia and Europe (I think): EOS 1000D (I like this name best), North America: Rebel XSi (its okay except for the Rebel logo design))
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    Yeah, I often wondered myself why Canon has to make things so confusing. It's even stranger with their printers (Pixus in Japan -vs Pixma in the states).

    In fact the EOS 450D is the universal name for the camera globally and then it's just called the Digital Kiss X2 in Japan and Rebel XSi in North America. I guess the Europeans don't go for the cute nicknames at all. :D

    By the way, the 1000D is the Rebel XS or the "Kiss F" over here. LOL
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    Cute,, pah! We like nice technical numbers apparently, although this European who lives in a new country every 3 years (but as they keep paying me I won't complain!) would just like one name, one spec, one voltage and one frequency! At least Canon got the last 2 right.
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    oops, my mistake :eek:
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    Country-level or region-level companies likely do all the marketing and market research for their countries or regions. Show me a marketing manager who doesn't want to "brand" things their own way- that's what they do (most of the time poorly or at least so it seems.) Since you have to re-do all the packaging for each language, it's all the excuse they need. Ask them, and they'll probably cite everyone's favorite "You can't always globally brand" example from the '70's when Chevy tried to sell the car named the Nova in Latin America where it was taken as "No va" (Doesn't go!)

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