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Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by cwright, Feb 19, 2006.

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    I shot a bunch of photos with my Digital Rebel XT in RAW format, but I can't seem to get them to import into Photoshop in that format. I imported them into Aperture and they work fine there, but once I send them to Photoshop (from Aperture) it automatically converts them to an 8 bit TIFF file. Shouldn't RAW images be converted to a 16 bit TIFF to save the extra color information?

    Also, when I try to open the .CR2 files into Photoshop directly, it won't let me. The camera RAW plugin is installed, and it shows up in the Format menu under the File > Open dialog box, but when selected the .CR2 files are still greyed out.

    Does anyone know how to get these files into Photoshop properly?

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    Orlando Furioso

    I'm not familiar with Aperture, but if you want to keep image fidelity, opening the .CR2 file would be your best bet (though by no means you only option). I prefer to use Image Capture to get my images off the camera.

    You should be able to open your CR2 files from the "Open" dialogue box (either Adobe or System version will work). When the file is launched, Camera Raw should kick-in so you can change image exposure, contrast, saturation etc.

    Since you want the image to open in PS, when you are finished making adjustments, click the "Open" button (default) so you can continue working on the image. Clicking "Done" will close Camera Raw and save the changes to a sidecar .xmp file (or some sort of database) without opening the image.

    If you are still experiencing problems, make sure you are using the latest version of Camera Raw (v3.2).

    Hope it helps.
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    Turns out I had an outdated version of Camera Raw. I installed the update and they open just fine now.

    Thanks :)

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